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Updated 11 November 2004

Consequences Vol. 1, No. 3, Autumn 1995








Contents of Vol. 1,
Number 3
(Autumn 1995)


The Environment Since 1970

by Jesse H. Ausubel, David G. Victor, and Iddo K. Wernick

Much has changed in the environment and how it is managed in the quarter century since the first Earth Day in April of 1970. Environmental awareness has undeniably increased, and while progress has been uneven, both in the U.S. and among other countries of the world, a number of indicators show marked improvement.

Climate Models: How Reliable Are Their Predictions?

by Eric J. Barron

Expectations of significant global greenhouse warming rest on a combination of scientific fact, what is now known of atmospheric and ocean behavior, and projections, based on these, that are obtained from a diverse battery of computerized, General Circulation Models (GCMs). Weighing the level of confidence in what goes into GCMs and the limitations of what they can do helps in evaluating the reliability of their overall predictions.

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