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Updated 11 November 2004

Consequences Vol. 3, No. 1, 1997








Contents of Vol. 3,
Number 1, 1997

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by John A. Eddy

Editor's summary of articles

by John A. Eddy

The Case of the Missing Songbirds

by Scott K. Robinson

In the past thirty years many migratory songbirds seem to have disappeared from woods and fields where once they were plentiful. Behind these changes are a number of possible causes, but the leading suspects are probably the changes we have made to sonbirds' summer breeding grounds in North America, and the differences they now find when they arrive at their winter homes in Central and South America. [see also: summary]

Do We Still Need Nature? The Importance of Biodiversity

by Anthony C. Janetos

The rich diversity of plants and animals that weaves the essential tapestry for life on Earth is fast declining. Rates of extinction are ever rising, and because of our own activities are at a minimum 50 to 100 times greater today than the natural background rate. What is lost when the number of species is diminished comes at great cost to national economies and to our own health and quality of life. [see also: summary]

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