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Updated 11 November 2004

Consequences Vol. 2, No. 1, Winter 1996










by John A. Eddy

Editor's summary of articles

by John A. Eddy

Remembrance Of Things Past: Greenhouse Lessons From The Geologic Record

by Thomas J. Crowley

Since the beginning, the story of the Earth's climate has been a tale of continual change: sometimes warmer, often far colder than the present day. What is known of natural climatic variations of the past 100 million years provides invaluable insights into projected greenhouse warming, and the only meaningful tests of some of the modeled predictions. [see also: Editor's summary]

How Bountiful Are Ocean Fisheries?

by Brian J. Rothschild

The annual catch of fish from the sea, long an ever-increasing quantity, declined and leveled off in recent years, while the world's population continues its upward climb. Overfishing is often blamed, but a great deal more is involved, including inherent problems in fisheries management and emerging problems of environmental changes of many kinds. [see also: Editor's summary]

The Sun And Climate

by Judith Lean and David Rind

The climate system receives almost all of its energy from the Sun, and recent measurements from space have revealed that what the Sun delivers on our doorstep varies from day to day and year to year. While known solar variations are less significant than the expected effects of enhanced greenhouse warming, they could either slow, for a time, or accelerate its eventual impact. [see also: Editor's summary]

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