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Through the U.S. Country Studies Program, 55 countries will have completed final reports on their greenhouse gas emission inventories, vulnerability and adaptation assessments for various sectors, and evaluations of mitigation options for energy and non-energy sectors. These assessments will generate a large volume of information that will be of significant value not only to each country, but also to the international scientific and policy community. Many countries have expressed interest in having the U.S. CSP facilitate collaboration between countries in the synthesis and distribution of key results and findings that emerge from the studies.

The U.S. CSP has established several resources to create mechanisms for countries to disseminate their results and identify common findings and conclusions in FY95. The U.S. CSP co-sponsors regional workshops and global conferences where countries can present results and discuss common methodological issues. The U.S. CSP will work with countries and support the preparation of several major synthesis reports and journal articles that will describe key results and findings for each major assessment topic and for the country studies as a whole. In addition, the U.S. CSP will help countries identify and take advantage of other international opportunities to present and publish their results.

Where appropriate, the U.S. CSP also works with countries to help prepare and update global databases in cooperation with the IPCC, U.S. Global Change Research Program, UNFCCC Secretariat, and other appropriate organizations.

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