U.S. Country Studies Program: Support for Climate Change Studies, Plans, and Technology Assessments

Russian Federation Final Reports

The Russian Federation has ratified the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change and took obligations as a Party of Annex 1 to the Convention, which joins developed countries and countries with economy in transition. According to Article 4 of the Convention, developed countries shall take practicable steps to facilitate other countries to carry out their obligations under the Convention. In this way the U.S. initiated special Country Studies Program aimed at relevant assistance and creation of informational basis for future activity under the Convention. The Russian Federation became active participant of this Program and respective cooperative agreement DE-FCO2 93PO 10118 was signed between U.S. Department of Energy and Russian Federal Service for Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring, which was nominated by Government of the Russian Federation as an official lead organization on climate change problems.

The special Russian Country Study Team was collected and joined specialists from all relevant ministries and agencies and many other organizations. Studying started at July 1, 1994 and was completed at March 31, 1997. Four permanent tasks were undertaken under the Russian Country Study: task 1 Inventory of Technogenic GHG Emissions, task 2 Inventory of GHG Sinks and Emissions Connected with Terrestrial Ecosystems, task 3 Vulnerability and Adaptation Assessment, and task 4 Mitigation Analysis. An additional short-time task 5 Synthesis Activity was conducted.

The Russian Country Study Team also produced a national Climate Change Action Plan Report.

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