U.S. Country Studies Program: Support for Climate Change 
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Uruguay Final Report

Despite uncertainties about the timing and magnitude of the changes associated with global warming, the problem of global climate change has become one of the most important environmental issues facing the world today. Primary themes in the global climate change debate are the assessment of vulnerability and evaluation of adaptation and mitigation measures. There is strong evidence that the developing countries are significantly vulnerable to climate change and may face serious problems in achieving sustained, environmentally sound economic and social development. Responding to these growing global concerns without hampering the development process of those countries is likely to be one of the significant challenges of our time.

As a response to these concerns, the National Committee on Global Change of Uruguay undertook the responsibility of leading the efforts in vulnerability and adaptation studies for Uruguay through the implementation of the Uruguay Climate Change Country Study, with support from the U. S. Country Studies Program. The agricultural and coastal resource sectors--both of which are of particular socioeconomic importance to the country--were the focus of the Study. Following a first phase mostly devoted to the analysis of the potential impacts of climate change, a second phase was executed with the objective of developing an action plan containing recommended climate change adaptation measures in consistency with the country's mitigation plans.

The results from this phase are presented in this final report, Development of Climate Change Action Plans in Uruguay. Accompanying documents are: A Climate Change Action Plan for Uruguay (in English or Spanish), and a selection of the technical contributions produced throughout the project.

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Last updated 4 May 2000