Major NASA Global Change Holdings on April 1, 1994

  • Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) from the European Space Agency's ERS-1 satellite and the Japanese JERS-1 satellite Level-1 data on digital and photographic media and higher level geophysical products including sea-ice motion, sea-ice classification and ocean wave height and direction (note that restrictions apply based upon prior agreements with international partners)
  • Alaska Landsat imagery dating back to 1972
  • Alaska AVHRR-HRPT (1-km) data on photographic media since 1974
  • Alaska High Altitude Aerial Photography (AHAP) on 10-in. film between 1978 and 1986
  • Arctic Ocean drifting buoy data
  • Arctic rawindsonde archive
  • Nimbus-7 SMMR Polar Radiances
  • Nimbus-7 SMMR Arctic and Antarctic Sea Ice Concentration
  • DMSP SSM/I Brightness Temperature Grids for the Polar Regions
  • DMSP SSM/I Sea Ice Concentration Grids
  • Navy-NOAA Joint Ice Center Weekly Sea Ice Concentration and Extent - Arctic and Antarctic
  • Greenland (Dye-3) Ice Core Oxygen-18 Versus Depth data
  • Rand Corporation Mean Monthly Global Snow Depth
  • Northern Hemisphere Sea Ice Concentration 1953-1990
  • DMSP F8 Special Sensor Microwave/Imager (SSM/I) Brightness Temperature Grids
  • Landsat (MSS, TM, FOLD)
  • AVHRR Normal Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI)
  • Air and Space Photography.
  • Airborne Sensor Data
  • Digital Elevation Model Digital Line Graph Data
  • National Uranium Resource Evaluation Data
  • Atmosphere and climate data sets from Nimbus, NOAA, GOES geostationary satellites
  • In situ measurements, such as surface station climatologies, and data gathered by coordinated scientific projects. (e.g., the First GARP Global Experiment)
  • TM and MSS images available on 70-mm film rolls, 16-mm film cassettes, or microfiche
  • UARS Level-0 through Level-3 Products
  • CZCS full resolution data (1-km), reduced resolution data (4 km), derived products (4 km), daily global products, 5-day global products, monthly global products (20 km).
  • In situ ship observations from November 1978 to May 1980 covering the mid-Atlantic, the Gulf of Alaska, the Gulf of Mexico, the Northeast coast of Australia, the Dominican Republic, and Spain.
* Includes contents of the NASA's Climate Data System, Pilot Land Data System, and the CZCS Browse Facility
  • Analyzed results including precision baseline distances and velocities, Earth rotation and polar motion determinations, length-of- day values, and calculated three-dimensional station positions.
  • Laser ranging data (to both artificial satellites and the Earth's moon)
  • Very Long Baseline Interferometry (VLBI)
  • Global Positioning System (GPS) data starting in 1990 for project- sponsored experiments as well as global networks.
  • Earth Radiation Budget Experiment
  • Surface Radiation Budget Experiment
  • Stratospheric and Aerosols Gas Experiment
  • International Satellite Cloud Climatology Project
  • First ISCCP Regional Experiment
  • Global Tropospheric Experiment
  • Measurement of Air Pollution from Satellites
  • Stratospheric Aerosol Measurement II RDAT and BANAT
  • Biogeochemical data from ground-based project that have been funded by NASA (FIFE, OTTER, etc., transferred from the PLDS)
  • Data from continuing and planned field campaigns (e.g., BOREAS),
  • DOE Carbon Dioxide Information and Analysis Center data
  • NSF Long-term Ecological Research data
  • DOE's National Environmental Research Park data
  • U.S. Forest Service forest inventory, forest health monitoring, and watershed research data.
  • AVHRR monthly global MCSST co-registered with CZCS phytoplankton pigment data (MIAMI, GSFC)
  • AVHRR weekly global and regional 18-km MCSST (U. of Miami)
  • TOPEX/Poseidon merged geophysical altimeter data
  • SSM/I global daily ocean wind speed, liquid water, water vapor (Wentz)
  • ATLAST, a PC software atlas and plotting tool for oceanographic sections (Rhines)
  • Ocean Atlas, software atlas and plotting tool for oceanographic sections (Swift, et al.)
  • IMAGIC, an image processing software (Powell, et al.)
  • Tropical Ocean and Global Atmosphere (TOGA) related collection of satellite and in situ data (1985-1990)
  • Geostationary altimeter sea-surface height, SSM/I wind speed, AVHRR SST '87 '89 '90 (Halpern)
  • SSM/I six hourly surface-wind vectors at SSM/I locations and as gridded analysis
  • SSM/I NESDIS 1b Sensor Counts from F8, F10, F11
  • SSM/I Wentz Antenna Temperature from F8 and F10
  • Chang SSM/I Monthly Rain Indices
  • Eischeid Surface Rain Gauge Observations
  • Jaeger Surface Rain Gauge Observations
  • Legates Surface and Shipboard Rain Gauge Observations
  • Morrisey Pacific Atoll Rain Gauge Observations
  • Public Use Microdata Samples (PUMS) data base
  • HAZDAT data base
  • One year of TOMS data