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How are the proposals processed for evaluation?
When a proposal is received by USIJI, a manager for the proposal is designated. The proposal manager is responsible for initially checking the proposal for completeness and notifying the project's developers about incomplete areas in the proposal that require additional information, clarification, or consultation. A proposal that is relatively complete from a technical standpoint is advanced to the next stage in the evaluation process, the technical screening

In the technical screening phase, USIJI contractors quickly review the proposal against the USIJI technical criteria to identify gaps and technical problems. Project developers then receive the results of the technical screen and are given the opportunity to amend or clarify the proposal. The revised proposal is then re-evaluated to determine whether it is ready to advance to the technical review. 

The technical reviewers include recognized experts drawn from government agencies, national laboratories, and private industry and represent a broad range of scientific disciplines. Reviewers are required to sign and return nondisclosure forms and to confirm in writing that they have no conflicts of interest that might compromise standards of impartiality. The reviewers for each project category return written evaluations for each proposal to the USIJI and meet as a group to discuss and clarify comments. 

Project developers have one more opportunity to address additional deficiencies identified in the detailed review. The USIJI Secretariat then determines if the revised proposal reasonably meets all the USIJI criteria for advancing to the Evaluation Panel. Only projects recommended for acceptance into USIJI are forwarded to the Evaluation Panel. The proposal managers draft decision memoranda on all proposals that will be presented to the Evaluation Panel. The Evaluation Panel also receives a separate summary of comments from the technical review. 

Project developers are notified of the status of their proposals, and a public announcement of the projects accepted into the USIJI portfolio is made. Developers of accepted projects receive certificates of recognition and further instructions for reporting under the USIJI and may be invited to participate in public recognition events sponsored by the Panel. The USIJI also attempts to advise applicants whose proposals were not accepted on proposal revision and reapplication for acceptance. Applicants are permitted to reapply with modified versions of rejected proposals as often as they wish.

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