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Many environmental experts concur that climate change poses a serious threat to the global community. It imperils international economic development and environmental stability worldwide. Although the impacts of climate change vary from country to country and region to region, it is expected that developing nations and nations in transition to a market based economy will be impacted most because of their limited capacity to contend with the problem. Some of the known effects of climate change include sea level rise, tidal surges, severe fluctuations in soil moisture, increased rainfall, drought, and soaring heat indices. Projected climate changes will potentially affect everything from public health and agricultural productivity to forest and water resources and the balance of the Earth’s most delicate ecosystems. 

A major factor in global warming is the emission of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. These gases have the same effect on global climate regardless of where they are emitted, and their emission levels are rising rapidly. However, the cost of reducing or sequestering GHG emissions varies among countries. Joint Implementation offers the opportunity to reduce emissions at a lower global cost than would be possible if each country acted alone. It allows countries to cooperatively participate in the global response to emissions reductions through the planning and implementation of sustainable development projects.

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