Linking Industrial Competitiveness with Environmental Objectives

The Motor Challenge program provides industry leaders an opportunity to demonstrate how improved efficiency of electric motor systems can enhance productivity and profitability while promoting national objectives of energy efficiency, competitiveness, and environmental quality. The program is a collaborative effort between the Federal government, motor manufacturers, electric utilities, and industrial motor system users. The purpose of the program is to demonstrate, evaluate, and accelerate the market penetration of efficient electric motor systems (EMS), which include electric motors, adjustable speed drives, and motor-driven implementation, the program addresses the application needs of industry.

The Motor Challenge expands upon the DOE Electric Motor Systems (EMS Program, through which DOE and the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) convened a Roundtable with stakeholders in EMS markets. The Roundtable discussion led to three major conclusions:

In consultations with industry helped during the White House Conference on Global Climate Change, DOE proposed to address these opportunities and barriers with an industry-driven Motor Challenge. The program will begin with three main activities: a Motor Challenge Partnership involving informational exchange activities; Showcase Demonstrations of efficient electric motor systems; and the development of a National Electric Motor Systems Database to facilitate the exchange of performance data and to recognize industry's successes in implementing efficient electric motor systems. The Database will be coordinated with the voluntary reporting system of greenhouse gas emission reduction under Section 1605 (b) of the Energy Policy Act.

Companies participating in the Motor Challenge will leverage their existing programs to improve efficiency, productivity, and overall competitiveness. They will gain access to the latest technology developments, and, together with DOE, will help put information into the hands of industry managers so that industry can implement the most efficient and cost-effective choice for their specific applications.

Recognition of individual industrial leaders in motor system efficiency is one of the key elements of the Motor Challenge program. By highlighting excellence in motor system application, other industrial companies will benchmark their efforts to the recognized leaders.