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A Guide to Information on Greenhouse Gases and Ozone Depletion
Published July 1988 through June 1999



Item #d92jul78

Verification and the Framework Convention on Climate Change, J. Lanchbery, O. Greene, J. Salt, 52 pp., May 1992. Verification Technol. Info. Ctr., 8 John Adam St., London WC2N 6EZ, UK (tel: 071-925-0867).

Shows how it is both necessary and possible to verify compliance with any international agreements aimed at mitigating greenhouse gases. Compliance provisions, even for any "pledge and review" agreements, should be established at the earliest possible stage.

Item #d92jul79

Energy Policy in the Greenhouse, F. Krause et al., Apr. 1992. (See Books/Gen. & Policy, this issue--July 1992.)

Item #d92jul80

A Prompt Start: Implementing the Framework Convention on Climate Change, A. Chayes, E.B. Skolnikoff, D. Victor, Mar. 1992. Summary (29 pp.) or longer paper available from A. Chayes, Harvard Law School, Griswold 404, Cambridge MA 02138.

A report of the Bellagio Conference on Climate Change, Jan. 1992. Briefly outlines tasks that should start immediately after the Earth Summit--scientific assessment, database building, harmonization of methodology, country studies, implementation studies for developing countries, and development of protocols.

Item #d92jul81

Forging International Agreement: Strengthening Inter-governmental Institutions for Environment and Development, L.A. Kimball, 85 pp., Apr. 1992, $9.95. WRI (World Resour. Inst.) Publications, POB 4852, Hampden Sta., Baltimore MD 21211 (800-822-0504; 410-516-6963).

Highlights present and future challenges; makes recommendations for monitoring and assessment and other areas.

Item #d92jul82

International Environmental Negotiation: Insights for Practice (Exec. Rep. 21), B.I. Spector, Ed., 22 pp., May 1992. Public. Dept., Intl. Inst. Appl. Systems Analysis (IIASA), A-2361 Laxenburg, Austria.

Highlights results of a two-year analysis, conducted by a study team of diplomats, international civil servants and scholars, of eight major negotiations including those on ozone depletion and global warming. (Book to be published this fall.)

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