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The following have been published since 1991 and are available at no charge from IGBP Secretariat, Roy. Swed. Acad. Sci., Box 50005, S-104 05 Stockholm, Sweden. Report No. 18:2, containing papers from the regional meeting for Asia held in New Delhi, will be printed in very limited quantities and distributed for sale in India.

Item #d92jul97

Report from the IGBP Regional Meeting for South America (Rep. No. 16), 58 pp., 1991.

Held at Sao José dos Campos, SP, Brazil, Mar. 5-9, 1990. In the regional context, discussed past global changes, effects of climate change on terrestrial ecosystems, the role of ocean processes in global change, land transformation and global change, the importance of the Andes mountains in GCMs. Among the recommendations is establishment of Global Change Regional Research Centers, with the first one for South America to be in the Amazonian region.

Item #d92jul98

Plant-Water Interactions in Large-Scale Hydrological Modeling (Rep. No. 17), 44 pp., 1991.

Held at Vadstena, Sweden; June 5-8, 1990. Emphasized regional differences (temperature, humid tropics, semiarid tropics and subtropics) and identification of critical issues. The focus of the BAHC Core Project on evapotranspiration is too narrow and should include other processes such as biogeochemical cycling of elements. Identified key issues for field studies planned for the humid tropics and for temperate zones.

Item #d92jul99

Recommendations of the Asian Workshop, New Delhi, India, 11-15 February, 1991 (Rep. No. 18:1), R.R. Daniel, Ed., 57 pp., 1991.

Addressed issues of prime concern to Asian countries, with reports and recommendations from working groups on IGBP Core Projects and key activities. Highlighted numerous bottlenecks facing developing countries, and identified the steps and action plans that must originate simultaneously at the country, regional and international levels. The SC-IGBP must consider forming a special working group for this purpose.

Item #d92jul100

The PAGES Project: Proposed Implementation Plans for Research Activities (Rep. No. 19), J.A. Eddy, Ed., 110 pp., 1992.

The Past Global Changes Project will lead to better understanding of past natural and human-induced variations of the Earth system, through study of natural and written records. For 1992-93, an accelerated global-scale pilot study, Paleoclimates of the Northern and Southern Hemispheres (PANASH), will begin. It will identify commonalities and interrelationships between known climate fluctuations in the two hemispheres.

Item #d92jul101

Improved Global Data for Land Applications: a Proposal for a New High Resolution Data Set. Report of the Land Cover Working Group of the IGBP-DIS (Rep. No. 20), J.R. Townshend, Ed., 75 pp., 1992.

Outlines a proposal to produce a global data set, to be generated once every ten days at a spatial resolution of 1 km, derived from the Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometer, primarily for land applications.

Item #d92jul102

Global Change and Terrestrial Ecosystems: The Operational Plan (Rep. No. 21), W.L. Steffen, G.H. Walker et al., Eds., 97 pp., 1992.

GCTE will predict the effects of changes in climate, atmospheric composition and land use on terrestrial ecosystems, including agricultural and production forest systems; and will determine how these effects lead to feedbacks to the atmosphere and physical climate system. The research plan focuses on: ecosystem physiology, changes in ecosystem structure, global change impact on agriculture and forestry, global change and ecological complexity.

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