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A Guide to Information on Greenhouse Gases and Ozone Depletion
Published July 1988 through June 1999



Item #d92jul110

Climate Change 1992: The Supplementary Report to the IPCC Scientific Assessment, J. Houghton, B. Callander, S. Varney, Eds., 200 pp., June 1992, $19.95/£9.95 (Cambridge).

Reviews and updates conclusions of the 1990 report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, based on new evidence. This volume combines the supplement itself (see Reports/General Interest, this issue--July 1992) with six extensive supporting documents on: greenhouse gases, sources and sinks, radiative forcing, emissions scenarios, climate modeling, and observed climate variability and change.

Item #d92jul111

Energy Policy in the Greenhouse, F. Krause, W. Bach, J. Koomey, 328 pp., Apr. 1992, $29.95 (Wiley).

Presents an analysis of climate stabilization targets, starting from the science of the greenhouse effect and using climate modeling to arrive at fossil fuel consumption limits and timetables for their phase-out. Expands on work presented in a previous report (GLOBAL CLIMATE CHANGE DIGEST, Reports/Of General Interest, Feb. 1990) and book (GCCD, Books/General, Policy, Economics, Dec. 1990) as the first phase of a two-phase study, by adding a major section on developing and implementing a climate treaty. The second phase of the study evaluated the economic costs of reducing emissions (see GCCD, Reports, Apr. 1992).

Item #d92jul112

Protecting the Earth: Third Report of the Enquete Commission of the 11th German Bundestag, Vol. 1 (672 pp.), Vol. 2 (1008 pp.), 1991; Bonn, Germany (ISBN 3-924521-71-9).

Volume 1 consists of thorough overviews of greenhouse warming and ozone depletion, and the context of past climatic changes. Volume 2 examines the consequences of serious action to mitigate these problems through industry, energy supply, agriculture and transport, within the European Community and globally. Concludes that it is possible to reduce damaging emissions without destroying the global economy. Reviewed by J. Gribben, The Ecologist, pp. 114-115, May/June 1992.

Item #d92jul113

The Global Greenhouse Regime: Who Pays?, P. Hayes, K. Smith, Eds., 256 pp., June 1992, £17.95 (Earthscan).

Presents scientific, economic and political issues in terms that policy makers and students will understand. Discusses different ways of determining responsibility, calculating obligations to pay, and measuring costs of different policies. Contributors from around the world examine implications for different countries.

Item #d92jul114

Global Climate Change and Life on Earth: Evidence, Predictions and Policy, R.L. Wyman, Ed., 304 pp., 1991, $55 hbk./$24.95 pbk. (Chapman & Hall).

Intended to give the concerned general reader a solid background in the scientific issues. Discusses how the greenhouse effect relates to such issues as deforestation, population and hunger, pollution, sea level changes, and loss of biodiversity.

Item #d92jul115

Global Warming: Understanding the Forecast, A. Revkin, 180 pp., $30. Order from Environ. Defense Fund (EDF), 257 Park Ave. S, New York NY 10010 (212-505-2100).

Accompanies an exhibition assembled by EDF with the American Museum of Natural History (New York City), which opened in May and will begin a four-year tour of the U.S. at the end of this year. Examines the problem and what we can do about it. Well illustrated.

Item #d92jul116

Global Warning--Global Warming, M.A. Benarde, 317 pp., 1992, $29.95 (Wiley).

Written by a professor of environmental studies as a guide to the basic facts and current uncertainties of global warming for undergraduate students, regulatory and public health agencies, and others. Deals with the fundamentals of climate and its variations, possible impacts of warming on human activities and ecosystems, model predictions and problems, and approaches to energy efficiency.

Item #d92jul117

New Market-Oriented Instruments for Environmental Policies, G. Huppes, E. van der Voet et al., 200 pp., Apr. 1992, $65/£35/Dfl.130 (Kluwer).

The first of a series resulting from research on environmental policy for the Commission of the European Communities. For environmental problems such as carbon emissions, acid deposition and toxic chemicals, presents a theoretical framework, examples of present or possible applications, and comparative evaluations of several instruments (particularly emission taxes) in European countries.

Item #d92jul118

The Strategic Revolution: Thoughts for the Twenty-First Century, N. Brown, 248 pp., $37/£22.50 (Brassey's).

The author, associated with Oxford's Environmental Change Unit, argues that the Cold War framework of world security must be replaced by an interdisciplinary approach involving economists, geographers, climatologists and ecologists. Discusses the prospect of human-induced climate change in these terms, and the roles of indebtedness and technological backwardness in the developing world, ecological degradation and population pressure, and North-South tensions.

Item #d92jul119

Global Change: Geographical Approaches, J.R. Mather, G.V. Sdasyuk, Eds., Dec. 1991, $45 (Univ. Arizona). Also published in Russian by Progress Publishers, Moscow.

The first in a new series, "Geographical Dialogue: Soviet and American Views." Geographers and other scientists from the U.S. and Soviet Union pool ideas for monitoring and alleviating environmental change, suggesting joint projects and joint strategies. Extensive bibliography.

Item #d92jul120

World Resources 1992-1993, World Resour. Inst., 384 pp., Feb. 1992, $19.95. Available in paperback from WRI Publications, POB 4852, Hampden Sta., Baltimore MD 21211 (800-822-0504; 301-338-6963); also distributed in hardback by Oxford Univ. Press.

Published in collaboration with the U.N. Environment Programme and U.N. Development Programme, this report serves as a desk reference for essential data on natural resources and the environment, including energy use and tropical deforestation. Among the highlights are the first global estimates of land degradation, which since World War II has damaged soils in an area larger than that of India and China combined. A special report looks at global development patterns and shows that despite a surge of world economic growth and notable social progress by many developing countries, the economic gap between rich and poor countries has widened.

Item #d92jul121

The Earth as Transformed by Human Action, B.L. Turner II, W.C. Clark et al., Eds., 1990 (Cambridge).

Contains in 42 chapters the revised proceedings of a major symposium held October 1987 at Clark University, Worcester, Massachusetts, with contributions from the social and natural sciences. Reviewed in a full-length article by J.R. McNeill, Environment, pp. 25-29, Apr. 1992.

Item #d92jul122

Leaving Eden: To Protect and Manage the Earth, E.G. Nisbet, 352 pp., Aug. 1991, £27.50 hbk./£9.95 pbk. (Cambridge).

A wide-ranging survey of human-related global environmental change, followed by remedies for the future. For example, nuclear power is recommended during the transition to solar power 20 to 30 years from now. Reviewed by A. Weston in New Scientist, p. 48, Mar. 21, 1992.

Item #d92jul123

Scientists on Gaia, S.H. Schneider, P.J. Boston, Eds., 433 pp., 1991, $55 (MIT).

Over 40 multidisciplinary contributions explore the controversial Gaia hypothesis, which views the Earth's physical and biological processes as a self-regulating system. Includes public policy implications and the changes in the hypothesis since its inception two decades ago. Reviewed by F. Pearce in New Scientist, pp. 46-47, June 27, 1992.

Item #d92jul124

Ecology and Control of the Natural Environment, Yu. A. Izrael, 420 pp., Dec. 1991, $177/£107/Dfl.320 (Kluwer).

Examines the basic approaches to environmental monitoring, emphasizing the geophysical and ecological aspects of monitoring human impacts. Expands on a 1979 edition with a new section on critical anthropogenic effects on the biosphere. Specific topics include climate change, effects of nuclear war and acid deposition.

Item #d92jul125

Tropical Forests and Climate, N. Myers, Ed., 265 pp., Apr. 1992, $114/£66/Dfl.190 (Kluwer).

Contains 16 papers and related commentary on what is known on the topic and implications for development policy. Reprint of Climatic Change, 19(1-2), Sep. 1991 (see GLOBAL CLIMATE CHANGE DIGEST, Prof. Pubs./Tropical FOrests And Climate, Nov. 1991, for titles and authors).

Item #d92jul126

Climatic Change in the Historical and Instrumental Periods, R. Brazdil, Ed., DM 60. Available from the editor, Brezinova 6, 61600 Brno, Czechoslovakia.

Proceedings of the International Conference of the Commission on Climatology of the International Geographical Union (Brno, June 1989), containing 72 papers concerning impacts of climate change; indirect, instrumental and historical data sets; and regional climate changes in Europe and elsewhere.

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