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A Guide to Information on Greenhouse Gases and Ozone Depletion
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Item #d92jul127

The Economics of Global Warming, W.R. Cline, 400 pp., June 1992, $40 hbk./$20 pbk. Order from Inst. Intl. Economics, 11 Dupont Cir. NW, Washington DC 20036 (800-229-ECON; 202-328-9000).

Book-length version of a report published in April (GLOBAL CLIMATE CHANGE DIGEST, Reports/General interest and policy, May 1992). Examines the costs and benefits of avoiding global warming for a much longer time interval than is usually considered (as long as 300 years). Advocates an aggressive global agreement to limit greenhouse gases based in part on carbon taxes.

Item #d92jul128

Buying Greenhouse Insurance: The Economic Costs of CO2 Emission Limits, A.S. Manne, R.G. Richels, 192 pp., June 1992, $25 (MIT).

Develops and extends earlier work with region-by-region estimates of costs of an international agreement under alternative scenarios, based on the Global 2100 model (Elec. Power Res. Inst./Stanford Univ.). Results show that emission reduction is not the sole policy response. Considers possible benefits of a world-wide market in emission rights.

Item #d92jul129

In "The Environment as a Commodity" (Nature, pp. 371-372, June 4, 1992), economist W. Beckerman reviews eight books related to environmental economics including the following two, which have been previously listed in GLOBAL CLIMATE CHANGE DIGEST:

Global Warming: Economic Policy Responses, R. Dornbusch, J.M. Poterba, Eds., 1991 (MIT). (Books/General Interest, July 1991)

Beyond the Limits--Confronting Global Collapse, Envisioning a Sustainable Future, D.H. Meadows, D.L. Meadows, J. Randers, Apr. 1992. (Chelsea Green in U.S., McClelland & Stewart in Can., Earthscan in U.K.)

Item #d92jul130

Assessment of Benefits of Environmental Measures, O.J. Kuik, F.H. Oosterhuis et al., 125 pp., Apr. 1992, $65/£35/Dfl.130 (Kluwer).

Examines the use of benefit assessment within the European Community, emphasizing its practical application by policy makers. Discusses its strengths and weaknesses and the impediments to more widespread application, then makes recommendations for enhancing the practical utility of benefit assessment. Many of the case studies described involve acid pollutants.

Item #d92jul131

The Earthscan Reader in Environmental Economics, A. Markandya, J. Richardson, Eds., 352 pp., expected Sept. 1992, £13.95 (Earthscan).

The editors, with the London Environmental Economics Centre and University College-London, respectively, introduce the topic and the principal arguments involved. Contributions cover theory, economic instruments of environmental policy, environment and development, and global environmental problems.

Item #d92jul132

Pricing for Pollution: Market Pricing, Government Regulation, Environmental Policy (Hobart Paper 66, 2nd Ed., Inst. Econ. Affairs, London, UK), W. Beckerman, 1990.

Promotes the argument that proper pricing of environmental values is essential for protection. Extensive review by T. Jackson in Energy Policy, pp. 84-86, Jan. 1992.

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