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A Guide to Information on Greenhouse Gases and Ozone Depletion
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Item #d93oct120

CFC response observed: The growth rates of CFC-11 and CFC-12 in the atmosphere have slowed noticeably; atmospheric concentrations may peak before the end of the century. (See: "Decrease in the Growth Rates of Atmospheric Chlorofluorocarbons 11 and 12," J.W. Elkins, T.M. Thompson et al., Nature, 364(6440), 780-783, Aug. 26, 1993).

Item #d93oct121

U.S. broadens research: At the instruction of presidential science advisor John Gibbons, federal agencies conducting climate change research will expand their work to include three new areas: ways to mitigate climate change, socio-economic impacts of climate change, and comprehensive assessments of policy options that consider their socio-economic impacts as well as their intended influence on climatic risks. (See Intl. Environ. Rptr., pp. 684-685, Sep. 22 1993).

Item #d93oct122

"Legislators Advocate Energy Taxes, Renewable Resources at GLOBE Meeting," Intl. Environ. Rptr., pp. 644-645, Sep. 8. In a follow-up meeting in Tokyo to the 1992 Earth Summit, the Global Legislators Organization for a Balanced Environment (GLOBE), icluding legislators from leading economies, decided on an action program to inluence their national governments.

Item #d93oct123

"Russian Methane Emissions Raise Concerns, Stimulate Response," Energy, Econ. & Clim. Change, pp. 9-11, Aug. Gives a lengthy discussion of both public (U.S. EPA) and private initiatives in the U.S. aimed at reducing natural gas leaks from distribution systems in the Commonwealth of Independent States.

Item #d93oct124

"Europeans Urged to Get on Their Bus," J. Rose, New Scientist, p. 21, Sep. 4. Over the next three years, 20 European cities, led by Liverpool, Cologne and Barcelona, will be developing a network of technology demonstration projects to lure peaople from cars to buses, many of them powered by alternative fuels.

Item #d93oct125

"Green Fuels for France," S. Todd, Chem. & Indus., p. 530, July 19. France is setting up a new bioenergy agency, signaling its commitment to the research and development of "green" fuels.

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