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Item #d93oct40

Climate Change Policy in the European Community: A Workshop Report, P. Vellinga, M. Grubb, Eds., 67 pp., Aug. 1993, $10.95. Published by the Royal Inst. of Intl. Affairs (10 St. James's Sq., London SW1 4LE) through Intl. Book Distributors in the U.K., and the Brookings Institution in the U.S. (1775 Massachusetts Ave. NW, Washington DC 20042 (800-275-1447 or 202-797-6258; fax: 202-797-6004). In Canada contact Rex Williams (416-924-1918).

An assessment of climate policy after the Earth Summit based on eight papers from a Royal Institute workshop (Oct. 1992). Topics include energy efficiency policy, CO2 emissions policy and industry, the distributional effects of a carbon tax, and options and constraints for EC implementation of climate change policy. Includes background information.

Item #d93oct41

Climate Protection in Germany, Aug. 1993. Available from Federal Ministry for the Environ., Nature Conserv. & Nuclear Safety, Postfach 120629, 53048 Bonn, Ger.

(See News.) Describes Germany's plans for complying with the emission reduction goals of the Framework Convention on Climate Change.

Item #d93oct42

Four reports from Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) Pubs., 2001 L St. NW, S-700, Washington DC 20036 (202-785-6323); or OECD, 2, rue André-Pascal, 75775 Paris Cedex 16, France (tel: 33-1-45-24-82-00); or worldwide OECD outlets:

International Economic Instruments and Climate Change, 102 pp., Sep. 1993, $25/£18/F110. Contains summary papers from two OECD workshops on the use of tradeable permits and taxes to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Reviews experiences and outlines principal problems and issues related to using taxes and permits as market-based policy instruments.

Economic Instruments for Environmental Management in Developing Countries, 102 pp., Sep. 1993, $11/£8/F50. Presents expert views on the relevance and requirements of various economic instruments in developing countries, based on an Oct. 1992 workshop. Points out promising policy experiences as well as areas needing further attention.

OECD Environmental Data: Compendium 1993, 324 pp., Sep. 1993, $60/£42/F250. A biennial report relating data on pollution and natural resources to energy, transport, industry and agriculture.

Environmental Education: An Approach to Sustainable Development, 258 pp., Sep. 1993, $30/£18/F110. Includes 10 case studies from an April 1992 workshop; outlines needs and advocates an action-oriented, locally-adapted approach.

Item #d93oct43

Some Like It Hot: Climate Change, Biodiversity and the Survival of Species, A. Markham, N. Dudley, S. Stolton, 143 pp., Aug. 1993, £11.99. Contact World-Wide Fund for Nature, CH-1196 Gland, Switz. (tel: +44 22 364 91 11).

Draws on scientific research from around the world to produce a current view of the scientific thinking on the potential impacts on biodiversity. Well illustrated and documented and presented in a way to be useful to scientists as well as non-specialists. An early victim of change would be tropical forests, but coral reefs, temperate and boreal forests, ocean ecosystems and wetlands would all be at risk.

Item #d93oct44

Saving the Climate, Saving Cities: A Municipal Agenda, P. Jessup, 87 pp., 1993, $25/Cdn $28.50. Intl. Council for Local Environ. Initiatives (ICLEI), City Hall, E. Tower, 8th Fl., Toronto ON M5H 2N2, Can. (tel: 416-392-1462; fax: 416-392-1478); in Europe: ICLEI, Eschholzstr. 86, D-7800 Freiburg, Ger. (tel: +49-761-368920; fax: +49-761-36260).

A follow-up to the urban CO2 campaign launched by ICLEI early this year (Global Climate Change Digest, p. 31, Feb.). Discusses how cities can regain the energy conserving features they had before the advent of the automobile and central power generation. Municipal governments already possess the tools to enable their cities to become greener and more energy efficient, through careful planning, building codes and the like.

Item #d93oct45

Critical Condition, Physicians for Social Responsibility, 240 pp., Sep. 1993, $15.95 (paper)/$29.95 (cloth). MIT Press, 55 Hayward St., Cambridge MA 02142 (617-625-8569).

An assessment of the known medical consequences of global environmental change, written by physicians; aimed at general readers but also intended to raise the awareness of other physicians. A chapter on climate change discusses direct health effects of increased temperatures, the spread of communicable diseases, respiratory effects, food production, sea-level rise and storms.

Item #d93oct46

The World Bank and the Environment: Fiscal 1993, 193 pp., Sep. 1993. World Bank, 1818 H St. NW, Washington DC 20433 (202-473-2941).

An internal assessment of the Bank's activities and progress in matters relating to the environment, including restructuring of the Global Environment Facility, implementing the climate change convention, and improving energy efficiency.

Item #d93oct47

Risk and the Environment: Improving Regulatory Decision Making, 150 pp., June 1993, no charge. Carnegie Commission on Sci., Technol. & Govt., 437 Madison Ave., 27th Fl., New York NY 10022 (212-207-6355; fax: 212-838-6019).

Examines the organizational and procedural framework of federal regulatory programs and concludes that mechanisms to evaluate and respond to health and environmental threats are weak. Suggests new mechanisms that would allow agencies to undertake relative risk analysis and permit decisionmakers to rank the severity of risks. (See news article in Chem. Eng. News, p. 30, July 19 1993.)

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