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Global Climate Change DigestArchives of the
Global Climate Change Digest

A Guide to Information on Greenhouse Gases and Ozone Depletion
Published July 1988 through June 1999


AAAS: American Association for the Advancement of Science

ABARE: Australian Bureau of Agricultural & Resource Economics

Acad.: Academy or Academic

ACEEE: American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy.

ACS: American Chemical Society

AEERL/EPA: Air & Energy Research Laboratory, US Environmental Protection Agency.

Aeron.: Aeronautics

Agric.: Agriculture or Agricultural

AGU: American Geophysical Union

AK: Alaska

AL: Alabama

Amer.: American or America

AMS: American Meteorological Society

Anal.: Analysis

Appl.: Applied

AR: Arkansas

AS: American Somoa

ASCE: American Society of Civil Engineers.

ASES : American Solar Energy Society

Assoc.: Association

Atmos: Atmospheric

attn.: attention

Ave.: Avenue

AWMA: Air & Waste Management Association

AWRA: American Water Resources Association.

AZ: Arizona

Bd.: Board

Belg.: Belgium

Biol.: Biology or Biological

Biosci.: Bioscience or biosciences

BIOSIS: Biological Abstracts Inc.

Blvd.: Boulevard

BNA: Bureau of National Affairs

BPI: Business Publishers Inc.

Bur.: Bureau

CA: California

CAB: Center for Agriculture & Bioscience [correct?].

CAF: Council on Alternate Fuels

Calif.: California

Can.: Canada or Canadian

CCC: Canadan Climate Center

CDIAC: Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center

CEC: Commission of the European Communities

CEI: Center for Environmental Information

CERI/EPA: Center for Environmental Research Information, US Environmental Protection Agency

CIELAP: Canadian Institute for Environmental Law & Policy

Clim.: Climate or Climatic

Co.: Company

CO: Colorado

Comm.: Committee

Conf.: Conference

Conn.: Connecticut

Conserv.: Conservation

Corp.: Corporation

CSERGE: Center for Social & Economic Research on the Global Environment.

CSG/ERC: Council of State Government, Eastern Regional Conference.

CSIRO: Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization

CSIS: Ctr. for Strategic & Intl. Studies

Ct.: Court

CT: Connecticut

Ctr.: Center

DC: District of Columbia

DE: Delaware

Dept.: Department

Develop.: Development

Distrib.: Distributed

Div.: Division

Dr.: Drive

E.: East

ECN: Netherlands Energy Research Foundation.

Econ.: Economic or Economics

EDF: Environmental Defense Fund

EESI: Environmental and Energy Study Institute

EIA: Environmental Investigation Agency or Energy Information Administration

ELI: Environmental Law Institute

Eng.: Engineers

Eng.: England

ENI: Ente Nazionale Idrocarburi

Environ.: Environment or Environmental

EPA: Environ. Protection Agency

EPRI: Electric Power Research Institute

ERIM: Environ. Res. Inst. of Michigan

ESEF: European Science & Environment Forum

FL: Florida

FM: Federated States of Micronesia

Ft.: Fort

Fwy.: Freeway

GA: Georgia

GAO: US General Accounting Office

GCC: Global Climate Coalition

GCCD: Global Climate Change Digest

GCRIO: Global Change Research Information Office.

GEF: Global Environment Facility

Geog.: Geographic

Geol.: Geological

Geophys.: Geophysics or Geophysical

Govt.: Government

Govts.: Governments

GSF: Gesellschaft fur Strahlen und Umweltforschung Munchen

GU: Guam

HI: Hawaii

HMSO: Her Majesty's Stationery Office

Hwy.: Highway

Hydrol.: Hydrological or Hydrology

IA: Iowa

IAEE: International Association for Energy Economics

IAGA: International Association for Geomagnetism & Aeronautics [correct?].

IAHS: International Association of Hydrological Science [correct?].

IBR: Institute for Biospheric Research

ICLEI: International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives

ID: Idaho

IIASA: International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis.

IIEC: International Institute for Energy Conservation.

IL: Illinois

IN: Indiana

Inc.: Incorporated

Indus.: Industry

Info.: Information

Inst.: Institute or Institution

Intl.: International

IPCC: Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) Secretariat

IPIECA: International Petroleum Industry Environmental Conservation Association

IPSEP: International Project for Sustainable Energy Paths.

IRRC: Investor Responsibility Research Center.

ITRI: Investment & Trade Resources International.

KS: Kansas

KY: Kentucky

LA: Louisiana

Lab.: Laboratory

Ltd.: Limited

MA: Maine

MD: Maryland

ME: Maine

Meteor.: Meteorology or meteorological

Mgmt.: Management

MH: Marshall Islands

MI: Michigan

MI: Michigan

MN: Minnesota

MO: Missouri

MP: Northern Mariana Islands

MS: Mississippi

Mt.: Mount

MT: Montana

Mtn.: Mountain

N.: North

Natl.: National

NC: North Carolina

NCASI: National Council of the Paper Industry for Air & Stream Improvement

NCDC: National Climatic Data Center

ND: North Dakota

NE: Nebraska

NE: Northeast

NESCAUM: Northeast States for Coordinated Air Use Management.

Neth.: Netherlands

NH: New Hampshire

NHBS: Natural History Book Service Ltd.

NIPR: National Institute for Polar Research

NJ: New Jersey

NM: New Mexico

NRDC: Natural Resources Defense Council

NTIS: National Technical Information Service

NV: Nevada

NW: Northwest

NY: New York

OCEES: Oxford Center for the Environment, Ethics and Society

OECD: Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development

Off.: Office

OH: Ohio

OK: Oklahoma

OR: Oregon

Org.: Organization

OSTI/DOE: Office of Scientific & Technical Information, US Department of Energy.

OTA: Office of Technology Assessment

PA: Pennsylvania

Pky: Parkway

Pl.: Place

PO: Post Office

POB: Post Office Box

PR: Puerto Rico

Protect.: Protection

Pub.: Publishing or Publications.

Pubs.: Publications

PW: Palau

Rd.: Road

Res.: Research

Resour.: Resource or Resources

RFF: Resources for the Future

RI: Rhode Island

S.: South

SC: South Carolina

Sci.: Science, sciences, or scientific.

SD: South Dakota

SE: Southeast

Serv.: Service

Soc.: Society

Sq.: Square

SSSA: Soil Sciences Society of America

St.: Street or Saint

Sta.: Station or Stationery

STBS: Science & Technology Book Service

SW: Southwest

Swed.: Sweden

Switz.: Switzerland

Syst.: Systems

Technol.: Technology

Telecomm.: Telecommunications

TERI: Tata Energy Res. Inst.

TN: Tennessee

TX: Texas

U.C.: University of California

US or US: United States

UCAR/OIES: University Corporation for Atmospheric Research, Office of Interdisciplinary Earth Studies

UCS: Union of Concerned Scientists.

UK (or U.K.): United Kingdom

UN (or U.N.): United Nations

UNCTAD: United Nations Conference on Trade & Development

UNEP: United Nations Environment Program

UNFCCC: United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change

Univ.: University

USEA: US Energy Association

USGS: US Geological Survey.

UT: Utah

VA: Virginia

VI: Virgin Islands

VT: Vermont

W.: West

WA: Washington

WEC: World Energy Council

WHO: World Health Org.

WI: Wisconsin

WMO: World Meteorological Organization.

WRI: World Resources Institute

WV: West Virginia

WWF: World-Wide Fund for Nature.

WY: Wyoming

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