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Global Climate Change Digest

A Guide to Information on Greenhouse Gases and Ozone Depletion
Published July 1988 through June 1999



Item #d88dec59

New Scientist, Nov. 5, 1988.

"Nuking the Greenhouse," p. 20. Discusses the problems of nuclear power as a major solution to global warming.

"How Do You Rate the End of the World?" J. Leggett, pp. 60-61. Musings of a geology professor on the attitudes of his students toward global change.

Item #d88dec60

"Has Mrs. Thatcher Turned Green?" Nature, p. 479, Oct. 6, 1988. Comments on the Prime Minister's recent public acknowledgement of the greenhouse gas problem and on the policy challenges the problem entails.

Item #d88dec61

Special issue: American Forests, Nov.-Dec. 1988. Inaugurates the AFA's Global ReLeaf campaign (see NEWS, this Global Climate Change Digest issue--Dec. 1988), and contains a series of articles on tropical forests. Includes a pull-out poster, "Tropical Deforestation: Why Is It Happening?" Single issues available from Amer. For. Assoc., POB 2000, Washington DC 20005; $3.15.

"ReLeaf for Global Warming," R.N. Sampson, 9-12.

"Addressing the Challenge of Climate Change," T.E. Wirth, 12-14.

"Tarzan's Jungle and Other Misconceptions," D.A. Boerner, 15, 76-77.

"The Politics of Tropical Deforestation," T.M. Pasca, 21-24.

"Global View of a Tropical Disaster," S. Postel, 25-29, 69-71.

"The People Who Eat the Trees," T.M. Pasca, 30-33.

"Is Sustainable Harvest Possible in the Tropics?" G. Budowski, 34-37, 79-81.

"Finding Forestry Alternatives," F.H. Wadsworth, 36.

"Maximo Lopez: Firewood Gatherer," J. Conrad, 38-39, 78-79.

"Life and Death in Tropical Forests: The Edge of Extinction," J.P. Jackson, 41-45.

"Animal Farming Saves Forests," N. Vietmeyer, 46-48.

"`Creating' a Tropical Forest," W. Kaufman, 50-51, 76-77.

"Frank Wadsworth: Tropical Forester," S. Ebenreck, 52-53, 73.

"Tropical Forests and You," L. Daily, 54-56.

"Needed: New Policy Goals," R. Repetto, 58-59, 82-86.

Item #d88dec62

"Where Are We Headed in Responding to Climate Change?" J.C. Topping Jr., BNA Internat. Environ. Reporter, 555-561, Oct. 12, 1988.

An up-to-date summary of international policy development on global climate change by the president of the Climate Institute, Washington, D.C. Includes a concise section on the major "players" (governmental and nongovernmental policy development groups), recent documents, and meetings. Discusses the need for cooperation between first and third world nations, impact studies, energy conservation, legal mechanisms and other strategies.

Item #d88dec63

Saving tropical forests: The Ecologist, July/Nov. 1987 (Subscription Dept., Worthyvale Manor, Camelford, Cornwall PL32 9TT, UK).

Contains 18 articles in some 75 pages supporting the editors' suggested plan, and critical of the tropical action plan developed by the World Resources Institute in conjunction with the World Bank and the UNEP. Suggested are trading Third World debts for forests; projects along the lines of the U.S. Civilian Conservation Corps during the depression; phasing out destructive development schemes, and radically revising development strategies. Individual articles by international authors cover such topics as the consequences of deforestation; critical reviews of the World Resources Institute's Tropical Forests, A Plan for Action; causes of forest destruction in Bangladesh, South America, Malaysia; examples of opposition to forest destruction by natives of Sarawak, Malaysia and Amazonia; afforestation in Costa Rica and India.

Item #d88dec64

Oceans and climate change: Oceanus, Winter 1986/87. (Published by Woods Hole Oceanographic Inst.; single copies $4 from Oceanus back issues, Subscriber Svc. Ctr., POB 6419, Syracuse NY 13217.

Contains review articles, written by scientific experts but aimed at a non-specialist audience, that include many high-quality color photographs and lists of selected references.

"Introduction: The Oceans, Climate, and Technology," F.P. Bretherton, 2-8.

"The Oceans, Carbon Dioxide, and Global Climate Change," B. Moore III, B. Bolin, 9-15.

"Global Ocean Flux," J.J. McCarthy, P.G. Brewer, G. Feldman, 16-26.

"The Oceans as a Source of Biogenic Gases," M.O. Andreae, 27-35.

"Man's Great Geophysical Experiment: Can We Model the Consequences?," K. Bryan, 36-42.

"Orbital Geometry, CO2, and Pleistocene Climate," N.G. Pisias, J. Imbrie, 43-49.

"The Polar Ice Sheets: A Wild Card in the Deck?" S.S. Jacobs, 50-54.

"Polar Ice Cores," J.M. Palais, 55-61.

"Pollen in Marine Cores: Evidence of Past Climates," L.E. Heusser, 64-70.

"Forests and Climate: Surprises in Store," G.M. Woodwell, 71-75.

"Spaceborne Observations in Support of Earth Science," D.J. Baker, W.S. Wilson, 76-85.

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