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A Guide to Information on Greenhouse Gases and Ozone Depletion
Published July 1988 through June 1999



Item #d88dec74

"Ice Cores and Global Change," P.A. Mayewski (Glacier Res. Group, Univ. New Hampshire, Durham N.H.), Eos, 1579-1580, Nov. 15, 1988.

This article reports on the U.S. Ice Core Research Workshop held in Durham, N.H., in which 45 scientists formulated a globally based strategy through the 1990s for an ice core program tied to global change issues.

Item #d88dec75

"Climate and Geosciences: A Challenge for Science and Society in the 21st Century," a summary in NATO Science and Society Newsletter, 2-3, no. 19, 3rd quarter 1988 (NATO Scientific Affairs Div., B-1110, Brussels, Belg.).

Summarizes the closing symposium of the five-year Special Program on Global Transport Mechanisms in the Geo-Sciences, held May 1988. Recommendations for the future course of cooperative climate research were made; man-made climatic change should remain a high priority.

Item #d88dec76

ESADS Workshop Report, NASA Office of Space Sci. & Applic., 1988. Available from Carolyn Robinson, ESADS Ombudsman, SAR, 4400 Forbes Blvd., Lanham MD 20706 (301-794-5211). See "Coping with All the Earth Science Data," R. Kahn, Eos, pp. 609, 612, May 24, 1988.

The article discusses the concerns and conclusions of NASA's Earth Science and Applications Data (ESADS) Workshop held in February 1987, and the resulting program for implementing the recommendations developed for managing the enormous data volume of earth system studies.

Item #d88dec77

"The Oceanic Key to Climatic Change," J. Gribbin, New Sci., 32-33, May 19, 1988.

An account of the Dahlem workshop in Berlin held in April 1988, Productivity of the Ocean, Past and Present. Discusses research on the relationship of oceanic biologic productivity to climate change, including recent results on episodic blooms and a revised estimate of dissolved organic carbon in surface waters. Workshop proceedings will be published by Wiley & Sons*.

Item #d88dec78

Scientific Application of Baseline Observations of Atmospheric Composition (SABOAC), D. Ehhalt, G. Pearman, I. Galbally, eds., 464 pp., 1987. D. Reidel, Dordrecht, or through Kluwer, 101 Philip Dr., Norwell MA 02061; $94. Briefly reviewed in Contrib. Atmos. Phys., 61(2), 151, May 1988; Bull. Amer. Meteor. Soc., 69(2), 201, Feb. 1988.

A compilation of papers which appeared in the 1985-1987 issues of J. Atmos. Chem., covering global trace gas and aerosol research, including the carbon dioxide and methane cycles.

Item #d88dec79

A Climate Modelling Primer, A. Henderson-Sellers, K. McGuffie, 217 pp., 1987. Wiley & Sons*; Ј28.50, $53.95. Reviewed by A. Slingo in Nature, 332(6162), 316, Mar. 24, 1988. The reviewer finds this text to fall short of filling the need for an introduction to climate models and the application.

Item #d88dec80

"Intercomparison of Radiation Codes in Climate Models (ICRCCM): Longwave Clear-Sky Results-- A Workshop Summary," F.M. Luther, R.G. Ellingson et al., Bull. Amer. Meteor. Soc., 69(1), 40-47, Jan. 1988.

Summarizes final results of a clear-sky longwave-radiative-transfer study, which found a large spread among less detailed radiation models compared. Recommends a program to simultaneously measure spectral radiance at high spectral resolution and the atmospheric variables necessary to calculate that radiance.

Item #d88dec81

Middle Atmosphere Dynamics, D.G. Andrews, J.R. Holton, C.B. Leovy, 489 pp. 1987. Academic*; $34.95 paper, $70 casebound.

Intended for use in graduate courses on middle-atmosphere dynamics, and by researchers in meteorology, atmospheric chemistry or climate dynamics. Topics covered include the ozone layer, interaction between the lower and middle atmosphere, tracer transport.

Item #d88dec82

Studies of the Middle Atmosphere, J.A. Pyle, L. Thomas, R. Wilson, eds., 185 pp., 1987. The Royal Society, 6 Carleton House Terr., London SW1Y 5AG, UK; Ј37.

Invited papers given at a December 1986 meeting on observational, laboratory and modelling studies of the Middle Atmosphere Program of the Council of Scientific Unions, especially pertaining to stratospheric ozone depletion.

Item #d88dec83

Theory of Planetary Atmospheres--An Introduction to Their Physics and Chemistry, Second Edition, J.W. Chamberlain, D.M. Hunten, 455 pp., 1987. Academic*; $49.50.

Covering meteorology, photochemistry, and radiative and convective transport, this edition includes new material on stratospheric chemistry and nuclear winter.

Item #d88dec84

Energy and the Atmosphere: A Physical-Chemical Approach, Second Edition, I.M. Campbell, 337 pp., 1986. Wiley & Sons*; $57. Reviewed by J. Winchester in Bull. Amer. Meteor. Soc., 68(12), 1575, Dec. 1987.

Completely rewritten version of the 1977 edition stressing recent research results, including greenhouse gases and ozone chemistry.

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