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A Guide to Information on Greenhouse Gases and Ozone Depletion
Published July 1988 through June 1999



Item #d89aug45

Carbon Dioxide and Global Change: Earth in Transition, S.B. Idso, 300 pp., 1989, $19.95 plus $2 shipping. IBR Press, Inst. Biospheric Research, 631 E. Laguna Dr., Tempe AZ 85282.

Presents an analysis of both the physical (climatic) and biological effects of atmospheric CO2 enrichment as well as a broad, up-to-date review of the many interrelated aspects of the complex subject. Special emphasis is given to the search for evidence of global warming and global vegetative stimulation. Includes extensive subject and author indices.

Item #d89aug46

Greenhouse Warming: Abatement and Adaptation, N.J. Rosenberg, W.E. Easterling III et al., Eds., 224 pp., June 1989, $18.95 plus $3.00 shipping. Resources for the Future, Book Marketing, 1616 P St. NW, Washington DC 20036 (202-328-5086).

Contains proceedings from a workshop held in June 1988 and cosponsored by RFF, four federal agencies and the International Federation of Institutes for Advanced Study. Both social and natural scientists contributed to this 14-chapter volume that identifies alternative policy strategies for slowing greenhouse warming and coping with its consequences. According to the publishers, presents a clear and comprehensive discussion of the subject and divergent views, backed by a carefully chosen array of tabular and graphic material.

Item #d89aug47

Workshop on Developing Country Energy Strategies: Implications for the Greenhouse Effect--28-29 April 1988, 90 pp., Apr. 1989 (World Resources Inst.*)

The proceedings of a workshop cosponsored by World Resources Institute and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, summarizing panel discussions and paper presentations. Innovative technologies will be accepted that meet multiple societal goals as opposed to simply saving energy. Calls for greater education efforts to involve developing countries in the greenhouse problem and for improved economic models to provide answers pertinent to their needs.

Item #d89aug48

Strategic Planning Seminar on the Long-Term Implications of Climatic Change, WRI-NCPO Planning Seminar, 68 pp., Jan. 1988 (World Resources Inst.*)

The proceedings of a January 1988 seminar held jointly by the Institute and the National Climate Program Office of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Provides perspectives on global climate change as it affects energy policy, the electric power industry, economic costs to rich and poor countries, U.S. foreign policy options in the upper Nile River Basin and the forest products industry. Includes an extensive address list of over 100 participants.

Item #d89aug49

The Greenhouse Effect, A. Henderson-Sellers, R. Blong, 211 pp. Published by New South Wales UP, POB 1, Kensington, NSW, Australia.

Aimed at a nontechnical audience, this volume is based on the 1987 Australian symposium that produced the technical volume Greenhouse--Planning for Climate Change. Explains the basics of the greenhouse effect in global terms, both geographically and historically. Looks specifically at what Australia might be like in the year 2030. (See review in New Sci., p. 70, June 17, 1989.)

Item #d89aug50

The Hole in the Sky, J. Gribbin, 192 pp., May 1988, $4.50. Bantam Books, 666 Fifth Ave., New York NY 10103 (212-765-6500).

The author, a physical scientist, examines and explains, for the general public, results from the National Airborne Ozone Experiment in Antarctica. Discusses oxygen, ozone and life as well as global implications to the hole and strategies for action.

Item #d89aug51

Overheating the Earth: The Greenhouse Controversy, J.H. Burgess, 76 pp., 1988, $4.59. P.P.I. Publishing, POB 335, Dayton OH 45459 (513-433-2709).

Presents a worst case scenario for the year 2012 in a warmer world as an introduction to opposing views on global warming. Three chapters develop evidence and complexities of the greenhouse controversy; the last enumerates preventive measures in terms of alternative energy sources, national policies and public education. Appendix includes "A Localized Historical Study of a Temperature Increase."

Item #d89aug52

Environmental Impacts of Renewable Energy: The OECD Compass Project, 93 pp., $15.50 softbound. Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD Pubs., 2001 L St. NW, S-700, Washington DC 20036; 202-785-6323).

Presents detailed review of existing and prospective environmental impact from solar, biomass, geothermal, hydro and other renewable energy technologies. Suggests that large-scale development of such sources is necessary and environmentally desirable.

Item #d89aug53

Der Treibhaus-Effect: Der Mensch Andert Das Klima (The Greenhouse Effect: Humans are Changing the Climate), C.-D. Sch?nwiese, B. Dieckmann, 232 pp., 1987. In German. Deutsche Verlags-Anstalt (Stuttgart).

An up-to-date introduction to the greenhouse effect for the German-speaking non-specialist. Concentrates on the nature of the effect, its causes and consequences, as well as possible responses by agriculture, industry and the individual. (See review in Intl. J. Climatol., 9(1), p. 103, Jan.-Feb. 1989.)

Item #d89aug54

Proceedings of the Symposium on Climate Change in the Southern United States: Future Impacts and Present Policy Issues, M. Meo, Ed., 608 pp., Nov. 1987, $20.00. Science and Public Policy Program, Univ. Oklahoma, 601 Elm Ave., Rm. 431, Norman OK 73019.

The proceedings of a May 1987 symposium held in New Orleans, conducted by the Science and Public Policy Program of the University of Oklahoma and sponsored by the Office of Policy, Planning and Evaluation of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Among topics addressed were: 1) the potential impacts of climate change on agriculture, coastal resources, forestry and water resources, 2) strategies for adapting to or mitigating climate impacts, and 3) ways private and public sectors can cooperate to reduce possible risks and costs resulting from irreversible climate change.

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