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A Guide to Information on Greenhouse Gases and Ozone Depletion
Published July 1988 through June 1999



Item #d89aug20

CALL FOR PAPERS: A special section entitled "Global Climate Problems and Public Policy" is planned for Policy Studies Journal/Review. Consideration of proposed papers will end soon, and selected papers must be complete by December 15. Submit 250-word proposed abstracts soon to David L. Feldman, Energy Div., Oak Ridge Nat. Lab., POB 2008, Oak Ridge TN 37831 (615-574-1404).

Item #d89aug21

"Possible Climate Change Due to SO2-Derived Cloud Condensation Nuclei," T.M.L. Wigley (Clim. Res. Unit, Univ. East Anglia, Norwich NR4 7TJ, UK), Nature, 339(6223), 365-367, June 1, 1989.

Explores the possibility of cooling in the Northern Hemisphere relative to the Southern due to increased SO2 emissions in the Northern Hemisphere. Compares observed differences in hemispheric-mean temperatures with results from a simple climate model, to place limits on the possible magnitude of any SO2-derived forcing. Finds the upper limit to be sufficiently large that the effects of SO2 may have significantly offset temperature changes resulting from the greenhouse effect.

Item #d89aug22

"Climate of the End of the Century," M.I. Budyko, Soviet Meteor. Hydrol., No. 10, 5-24, 1988.

In conjunction with the organization of the joint Soviet-American investigation of future climate conditions, a brief review is given of the scientific results obtained in a series of works by Soviet authors studying the problem of anthropogenic climate change.

Item #d89aug23

"Towards a Greenhouse Convention," Nature, 339(6223), 323-324, June 1, 1989.

Maintains that there are encouraging signs that governments are willing to negotiate a convention to abate the emission of greenhouse gases. Suggests that an ad hoc international convention may be the best regulatory framework to establish a first-rate, hard-headed monitoring agency.

Item #d89aug24

"Energy, Economics, and Environmental Policy," A.L. Alm (Alliance Technology Corp., Bedford, Mass.), Environ. Sci. Technol., 23(6), 649, June 1989.

Suggests that boosting fuel economy and promoting least-cost electricity make economic, energy and environmental sense. Steps to improve automobile efficiency could provide a source of revenues to reduce the deficit and, by reducing oil imports, could keep world oil prices down. Reducing electricity demand would reduce long-term electricity prices. Both measures would reduce environmental damages and show U.S. leadership in coping with global environmental problems.

Item #d89aug25

"Nitrous Oxide: Sources, Sampling, and Science Policy," R.K. Lyon (Energy & Environ. Res. Corp., Edison, N.J.), J.C. Kramlich, J.A. Cole, Environ. Sci. Technol., 23(4), 392-393, Apr. 1989.

Expresses doubt in present modeling studies involving emissions of N2O because of an artifact recently discovered in a common sampling procedure for N2O. Maintains that present studies need reevaluation and any attempts at N2O emission regulations must be put on hold until valid data are available.

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