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A Guide to Information on Greenhouse Gases and Ozone Depletion
Published July 1988 through June 1999



Item #d89jul24

"Climate and the Earth's Radiation Budget," V. Ramanathan (Dept. Geophys., Univ. Chicago, Chicago Ill.), B.R. Barkstrom, E.F. Harrison, Physics Today, 42(5), 22-32, May 1989.

Summarizes NASA's multisatellite experiment to collect data critical to understanding the radiation budget and the greenhouse effect, as well as the role of human activities in climate change. Determines that clouds cool the planet more than they heat it and are a major source of uncertainty in three-dimensional climate models. Reviews a few conceptual climate models for linking radiation budgets with theories of climate. Includes global radiation energy balance, radiative-convective equilibrium, radiative-convective-dynamic interactions, solar irradiance and its variability, cloud-radiative forcing and global effects.

Item #d89jul25

"The Global Importance of Motor Vehicles in the Climate Modification Problem," M.P. Walsh, Intl. Environ. Reporter, 261-267, May 1989.

Discusses the important greenhouse gases and the current significance of vehicle emissions. Summarizes the historical and likely future trends in types of vehicles and their uses. Assesses the overall impact of vehicles on future climate modification and possible solutions.

Item #d89jul26

"Report on the Fifth Canadian Environmental Government Affairs Seminar: A Strategy for Sustainable Development," P.A. Bradley (Environ. Convenor, Nat. Council of Women of Canada), JAPCA, 39(2), 139-148, Feb. 1989.

This seminar, held October 16-19, 1988, drew well over 200 delegates to join in discussions centering on economic, scientific, political and environmental considerations involved in sustainable development. The Brundtland Report and the Report of the National Task Force on Environment and Economy were discussed. Perspectives from national and provincial governments, industry, non-governmental organizations and the media were presented. The problems of hazardous waste were viewed as well as a general request for a global debate on atmospheric degradation.

Item #d89jul27

"Ozone and the Greenhouse Effect," H. Oeschger (Phys. Inst., Univ. Bern, CH-3012 Bern, Switzerland), H.U. Dütsch, Nature, 339(6219), 19, May 4, 1989. A letter calling for interdisciplinary research to improve understanding of the effects of increased UVB radiation on CO2 uptake by ocean phytoplankton.

Item #d89jul28

"Trous d'Ozone Polaire: De Nouvelles Questions," P. Aimedieu, La Recherche, 19(205), 1518-1522, Dec. 1988. In French.

Examines recent research on stratospheric ozone and the chemical mechanisms involved.

Item #d89jul29

"Prospects for the Next Fifty Years of Nuclear Fission," W. Buerkle (Intl. Atomreaktorbau G.m.b.H., Bergisch Gladbach, FRG), Kerntechnik, 53(2), 121-126, Dec. 1988.

Due to its extended use and the competition within the industry for plants and services, the light water reactor system is being improved and developed, assuring its growth into the next century. Complementary types of nuclear reactors, modular high temperature reactors and breeders have been tested in prototype and demonstration plants and will be made available for commercial use. Suggests that only nuclear power can make a stabilizing contribution to increased demands on fossil fuels and dangerous levels of CO2 emissions.

Item #d89jul30

"Reafforestation Contra Green House Effect," J. Fricke (Phys. Inst., Univ. Wuerzburg, D-8700 Wuerxburg, FRG), Phys. Unserer Zeit, 19(5), 149, 1988. In German.

A review and discussion of compensating the greenhouse effect with a national reafforestation program.

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