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A Guide to Information on Greenhouse Gases and Ozone Depletion
Published July 1988 through June 1999



Item #d89sep66

Ozone Crisis--The 15-Year Evolution of a Sudden Global Emergency, S. Roan, 270 pp., 1989, $18.95 (Wiley).

Chronicles the story of the ozone crisis from the discovery of stratospheric ozone depletion, to the fight to ban CFCs, to the prognosis for the future. According to the publishers, it is a timely book written by an investigative reporter giving a complete account of the science, people and politics involved in the ozone crisis.

Item #d89sep67

International Handbook of Pollution Control, E.J. Kormondy, Ed., 482 pp., 1989, $85 (Greenwood Press).

An international collection of 24 essays covering the historical background, major political problems and implementation of pollution control.

Item #d89sep68

International Public Policy Sourcebook--Volume II: Education and Environment, F.N. Bolotin, Ed., 1989, $50 (Greenwood Press).

Analyzes education and environment policies separately for Canada, the Federal Republic of Germany, France, Great Britain, Israel, Japan, Sweden and the United States.

Item #d89sep69

Alternative Transportation Fuels--An Environmental and Energy Solution, D. Sperling, Ed., 1989, $50 (Quorum Books--Greenwood Press).

Addresses the broader issues of transportation fuel policy in regard to energy security, economic growth and environmental quality.

Item #d89sep70

Public Policy and the Misuse of Forest Resources, R. Repetto, M. Gillis, Eds., 432 pp., 1988, $69.50/£45 hbk.; $27.95/£19.50 pbk. (Cambridge Univ. Press).

Explains how policies both related and unrelated to forestry practices have led to deforestation--these include tax and trade policies, land tenure laws, and policies on population and development. Twelve worldwide case studies show the extent of policy as well as external factors that have generally abused forest resources in the quest for short-term profits. (Reviewed by N. Myers in Nature, p. 271, Nov. 17, 1988.)

Item #d89sep71

Reviewed by P. McCully in Ecologist, pp. 78-80, Mar./Apr. 1989:

The Heat Trap, J.H.W. Karas, P.M. Kelly, 126 pp., 1988, £10 (Friends of the Earth, London). Reviews the current state of scientific research on global warming with Friends of the Earth policy recommendations to act now.

The Greenhouse Effect: Issues for Policy Makers, D. Everest, 38 pp., Oct. 1988 (Joint Energy Prog. Occasional Paper, London). Reviews present knowledge of the greenhouse effect. Appears to believe that, given enough time and money, scientific research will provide exact answers to the consequences of the greenhouse effect.

Change in an Uncertain Atmosphere: The Impact of Global Warming and Climate Change, J. Berreen, 33 pp., 1989 (The Green Party, London). The British Green Party's policy document on the greenhouse effect analyzes the pursuit of economic growth and the population explosion as contributors to the greenhouse effect.

Item #d89sep72

Planning for Drought: Toward a Reduction in Social Vulnerability, D.A. Wilhite, W.E. Easterling, D. Wood, 597 pp., 1987, $42.50 (Westview Press).

These proceedings from an international symposium and workshop (Lincoln, Nebraska, 1986) cover these themes: 1) prediction, 2) detection, monitoring, and early warning, 3) impact assessment, 4) technological and sociopolitical adaptation, 5) the role of government in planning for and responding to drought, and 6) the role of international and donor organizations in planning and responding to drought. (Reviewed by B. Findlay, Bull. Amer. Meteor. Soc., p. 1358, Nov. 1988.)

Item #d89sep73

Reviewed in "Sacrificing CFCs to Save the Ozone Layer," P.S. Zurer, Chem. Eng. News, pp. 59-60, Nov. 14, 1988 (see also REPORTS, Global Climate Change Digest, Oct. 1988 and Sep. 1988):

"Stones in a Glass House: CFCs and Ozone Depletion," D.G. Cogan, 147 pp., 1988, $35 (Investor Responsibility Research Ctr. Inc., 1755 Mass. Ave. NW, S. 600, Washington DC 20036).

"Saving Our Skins: Technical Potential and Policies for the Elimination of Ozone-Depleting Chlorine Compounds," A. Makhijani, A. Makhijani, A. Bickel, 167 pp., 1988, $20 to nonprofit organizations, $45 others (Environmental Policy Institute, 218 D St. SE, Washington DC 20003).

Environmental Law--Volume III--Air Pollution, M. Squillace, 545 pp., 1988 (Anderson Publishing Co.).

Deals with legal aspects of air pollution, including the Clean Air Act and beyond. Among the chapter headings are "Ozone Protection" and "Greenhouse Effect."

Item #d89sep74

The Global Forest Sector: An Analytical Perspective, M. Kallio, D.P. Dykstra, C.S. Binkley, Eds., 703 pp., 1987, $159 (Wiley).

Focuses on long-term, global changes that might occur either as a result of policy decisions or as a consequence of such factors as air pollution, deforestation due to shifting agriculture and unrestrained exploitation, or major changes in the Earth's climate. Among scenarios discussed is a greenhouse effect scenario that assesses the possible economic consequences of climatic warming due to a doubling of atmospheric carbon dioxide by the year 2030. Half of the book is devoted to IIASA's Forest Sector Project.

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