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A Guide to Information on Greenhouse Gases and Ozone Depletion
Published July 1988 through June 1999



Item #d89sep75

The Environmental Record in Glaciers and Ice Sheets, H. Oeschger, C.C. Langway Jr., Eds., 403 pp., 1989, $98 (Wiley).

These proceedings from the Dahlem Workshop (Berlin, March 1988) examine our present knowledge of 1) how glaciers record environmental processes and preserve such information, 2) how an ice core chronology can be established, 3) what anthropogenic impacts are recorded in glaciers and 4) what the long-term ice core record tells us about the global changes in the environment. Contains lists of participants with fields of research, subject index and author index.

Item #d89sep76

Ozone Depletion, Greenhouse Gases, and Climate Change, 122 pp., 1989, $20 (National Academy Press).

Proceedings of a symposium at the National Academy of Sciences held in March 1988. Emphasizes ozone depletion and how it would be affected by greenhouse gases and climate change. (Reviewed by T.J. Crowley, Bull. Amer. Meteor. Soc., pp. 798-800, July 1989; see also entry in Global Climate Change Digest, BOOKS AND PROCEEDINGS/GENERAL, June 1989.)

Item #d89sep77

Atmospheric Radiation--Theoretical Basis, Second Ed., R.M. Goody, Y.L. Yung, 528 pp., 1989, $95 (Oxford University Press).

According to the publishers, this is a complete revision of Goody's classic work first published by Oxford in 1964. Subject matter includes the interaction of solar electromagnetic energy with planetary atmospheres, the subsequent redistribution of this energy, and its ultimate return to space in the form of low-temperature terrestrial radiation.

Item #d89sep78

Origin and Evolution of Planetary and Satellite Atmospheres, S.K. Atreya, J.B. Pollack, M.S. Matthews, Eds., 881 pp., 1989, $45 (Univ. Arizona Press).

Presents an integrated discussion of the similarities and differences among the atmospheres of various bodies of the solar systems, including the earth. Includes the latest hypotheses of the origins of atmospheres as well as theories of catastrophism that suggest major impact events.

Item #d89sep79

Understanding Climate Change, A. Berger, R. Dickinson, J. Kidson, Eds., 144 pp., May 1989, $26, AGU members $18.20 (American Geophysical Union).

Describes the contributions to the study of climate change made by each of the disciplines represented at the XIX General Assembly of the IUGG (Vancouver, 1987). The book is divided into six sections: 1) World Climate Research Program, 2) Paleoclimate and Ice, 3) Volcanoes and Climate, 4) Biogeochemical Cycles, Land Hydrology, and Land Surface Processes and Climate, 5) Tropical Ocean and Global Atmosphere, and 6) Modeling Climate: Past, Present and Future.

Item #d89sep80

Glacier Fluctuations and Climatic Change, J. Oerlemans, Ed., 432 pp., 1989, Dfl. 195/£64 (Kluwer).

Papers in this book deal with such subjects as glacial geology, mass balance studies, snow drift, energy balance and climatology of the glacier surface, and modeling studies of glacier response to climatic change. All contributions have been reviewed and, according to the publishers, form a unique collection of high standard on the central theme of how retreat and advance of glaciers is related to climatic change.

Item #d89sep81

The Changing Atmosphere, F.S. Rowland, I.S.A. Isaksen, Eds., 285 pp., 1988 (Wiley).

A report of the Dahlem Workshop on The Changing Atmosphere (Berlin, November 1987). Discusses four specific areas related to problems of atmospheric changes: 1) how the atmosphere has already changed, 2) the oxidizing capacity of the atmosphere, 3) changes in Antarctic ozone, and 4) trace substances and radiation balance of the earth. Aimed at field scientists and those interested in environmental issues. Contains list of participants, subject index and author index.

Item #d89sep82

Long and Short Term Variability, H. Wanner, U. Siegenthaler, Eds., 175 pp., 1988, $29.10 (Springer-Verlag).

This volume includes papers presented at a symposium organized by the Swiss Commission for Climate and Atmospheric Research (Bern, October 1986).

Item #d89sep83

Physically-Based Modelling and Simulation of Climate and Climatic Change, M.E. Schlesinger, Ed., Part 1, 624 pp., 1988, $149; Part 2, 1084 pp., 1988 (D. Reidel, through Kluwer).

The culmination of the NATO Advanced Study Institute held at the Ettore Majorana Centre for Scientific Culture in Erice, Italy in May 1986. The two volumes contain 26 chapters. Volume 1 is divided into the following parts: "Design and Development of Physically-Based Models of the Atmosphere," "Design and Development of Physically-Based Models of the Ocean and Sea Ice," and "Methods of Coupling Atmosphere, Ocean and Ice Models." Volume II contains "Design, Development and Application of Simplified Climate Models," "Validation of Climate Models," and "Application of General Circulation Climate Models."

Item #d89sep84

Climate Shocks: Natural and Anthropogenic, K. Ya. Kondratyev, 296 pp., 1988, $52.50 hbk. (Wiley).

Explores the greenhouse effect of anthropogenic gases, injection of volcanic material, and testing of nuclear weapons. (Reviewed by A.B. Pittock in Nature, p. 419, Feb. 2, 1989; by L.E. Branscome in Bull. Amer. Meteor. Soc., pp. 408-409, Apr. 1989; by P. Martin in Ecology, pp. 518-519, Apr. 1989; by C. Covey in Clim. Change, pp. 103-104, Vol. 14, No. 1, 1989. See original Global Climate Change Digest entry in BOOKS AND PROCEEDINGS/GENERAL, Nov. 1988.)

Item #d89sep85

Proceedings from the Second Science Team Meeting of the United States of America Department of Energy and the People's Republic of China Academia Sinica Joint Research Program on CO2-Induced Climate Change, W.-C. Wang, M.R. Riches, Eds., 187 pp., June 1988. Order (#023) from CDIAC.

The meeting reviewed recent progress and set new goals for cooperative research and the exchange of data regarding CO2 research. Six papers were presented and represented work in the four task areas set forth: climate modeling, data preparation, data analysis and methane studies.

Item #d89sep86

Polarization and Intensity of Light in the Atmosphere, K.L. Coulson, 620 pp., 1988, $90 (A. Deepak Publ.).

According to the publishers, this book can be regarded as the definitive work on the properties of visible and near visible light in the natural environment. Theory is compared with data from different geographical locations. Specially treated are climatic effects of particles, aerosols, rainbows, halos and other optical phenomena. Intended for professionals and advanced students.

Item #d89sep87

Microwave Remote Sensing of the Earth System, A. Chedin, Ed., 173 pp., 1988, $39 (A. Deepak Publ.)

Contains extended versions of papers given at a symposium at the XIX General Assembly of IAMAP (Vancouver, August 1987). Surveys current work including radiative transfer theory applied to space instrumentation, the effect of secondary data on calculations (direct or inverse), and experimental reports on instrumentation and phenomena.

Item #d89sep88

Aerosols and Climate, P.V. Hobbs, M.P. McCormick, Eds., 486, 1988, $73 (A. Deepak Publ.).

Contains papers presented at a symposium of the XIX General Assembly of IAMAP (Vancouver, August 1987). Among subjects covered are: sources, measurements, distribution, properties and effects of aerosols on the troposphere; stratospheric and climatic change, including volcanic emissions; radiative effects of atmospheric aerosols; climate modeling and effects of nuclear war on climate. Aimed at professional or graduate level studies in physical meteorology and climate.

Item #d89sep89

RSRM '87: Advances in Remote Sensing Retrieval Methods, A. Deepak, H.E. Fleming, J.S. Theon, Eds., 500 pp., 1988, $65 (A. Deepak Publ.).

Covers the latest methods of data retrieval from satellites, display system methodology, error analysis and feasibility studies, and global change monitoring. According to the publishers, this is an invaluable reference source for the environmental sciences, aerospace engineering and the military hardware designer.

Item #d89sep90

Chemistry of the Natural Atmosphere, P. Warneck, 726 pp., 1988, $85 (Academic Press).

Called a solid reference volume aimed at graduate level and above, it covers the following: bulk composition, structure and dynamics of the atmosphere, photochemical processes and elementary reactions, chemistry of the stratosphere, chemistry of the troposphere, the methane oxidation cycle, ozone in the troposphere, volatile hydrocarbons and halocarbons, atmospheric aerosol, chemistry of clouds and precipitation, nitrogen compounds in the atmosphere, geochemistry of carbon dioxide, and evolution of the atmosphere. (Reviewed by W.R. Stockwell in Eos, p. 661, June 20, 1989; by G.E. Gordon in Science, pp. 121-122, Oct. 7, 1988; by S.A. Penkett in Nature, p. 322, Nov. 24, 1988.)

Item #d89sep91

Exploiting Remotely Sensed Imagery, K.A. Browning, B.J. Conway, Eds., 179 pp., 1988 (The Royal Society).

Proceedings from a Royal Society meeting (March 1987) which collects articles in two areas: 1) applications of interactive computer-based pixel graphics systems for extraction of quantitative atmospheric and oceanic information from remotely sensed image data--primarily from satellite platforms, and 2) applications of knowledge-based systems for scene classification and target identification from both aircraft and satellite platforms. (Reviewed by E.A. Smith, Bull. Amer. Meteor. Soc., pp. 684-686, June 1989.)

Item #d89sep92

Tropospheric Ozone: Regional and Global Scale Interactions, I.S.A. Isaksen, Ed., 425 pp., 1988, £58/$99 (D. Reidel Publ., through Kluwer).

The first part of this volume is a collection of 23 papers presented at the NATO Advanced Research Workshop on Regional and Global Ozone Interaction and its Environmental Consequences (Lillehammer, Norway, June 1987). The second part is a summary of the deliberations of four working groups drawn from workshop participants. (Reviewed by E.A. Betterton in Bull. Amer. Meteor. Soc., pp. 690-693, June 1989.)

Item #d89sep93

Recent Climatic Change, S. Gregory, 326 pp., 1988, $49 (Belhaven Press).

Contains 27 papers presented at a symposium held at the University of Sheffield, England, in August 1987. Organized into four parts: 1) Global View, 2) Europe and Mediterranean Basin, 3) Tropical and Southern Africa, and 4) Other Regions. Contains combined subject and author index as well as participants' addresses. (Reviewed by S. Hastenrath in Bull. Amer. Meteor. Soc., pp. 411-412, Apr. 1989.)

Item #d89sep94

The Changing Atmosphere, F.S. Rowland, I.S.A. Isaken, Eds., 281 pp., 1988, $89.95 (Wiley).

Papers contributed for one of the Dahlem workshops give a thorough presentation of current knowledge in four problem areas: 1) how the atmosphere has already changed, 2) the oxidizing capacity of the atmosphere, 3) the reduction in Antarctic ozone, and 4) trace gases and the radiation balance of the earth. Workshop discussions included identifying the main questions of concern, the gaps in understanding continuing atmospheric changes, and the expectations of future developments.

Item #d89sep95

Building Databases for Global Science, H. Mounsey, R. Tomlinson, Eds., 420 pp., Dec. 1988, £35 (Taylor and Francis).

Collection of papers from the first meeting of the Global Databases Planning Project (Tylney Hall, Hampshire, U.K., May 1988). Summarizes the current work of the national and international agencies responsible for environmental monitoring and modeling. (Reviewed by K.P. Singh in Bull. Amer. Meteor. Soc., pp. 526-528, May 1989.)

Item #d89sep96

Studies of the Middle Atmosphere, J.A. Pyle, L. Thomas, R. Wilson, Eds., 185 pp., 1987, $37 (The Royal Society).

A collection of review articles from a meeting on the middle atmosphere (stratosphere and mesosphere) covering observations, observational techniques, as well as major issues in dynamics and chemistry. (Reviewed by M.R. Schoeberl in Bull. Amer. Meteor. Soc., p. 71, Dec. 1988.)

Item #d89sep97

The Influence of Climate Change and Climatic Variability on the Hydrologic Regime and Water Resources, S.I. Solomon, M. Beran, W. Hogg, Eds., 640 pp., 1987, $55 (IAHS Press, through American Geophys. Union).

Presents 54 papers as part of a symposium organized by the International Association of Hydrological Sciences during the 19th General Assembly of the IUGG (Vancouver, British Columbia, August 1987). The papers were divided into six areas: 1) definitions of climate change and climatic variability in hydrology, 2) climatic variability and stochastic hydrology, 3) climatic change and river basin characteristics, 4) climatic change proxy data, 5) climatic change and water resources, and 6) man's influence on the hydrologic regime. (Reviewed by J.R. Mather in Bull. Amer. Meteor. Soc., pp. 53-55, Jan. 1989.)

Item #d89sep98

Abrupt Climatic Change: Evidence and Implications, W.H. Berger, L.D. Labeyrie, Eds., 425 pp., 1987, $66 (Kluwer).

Contains 33 papers presented at a NATO Advanced Study Institute held in St. Hugue de Biviers in the French Alps in October 1985. The bulk of the book is concerned with the Glacial-Holocene transition, which includes the Younger Dryas cold event and Allerod-Bolling deglaciation as well as the onset of the glacial termination. Aimed at those studying climate dynamics and more specifically those whose interests focus on the observational evidence of climatic change during the Holocene. (Reviewed by S.J. Ghan in Clim. Change, pp. 337-339, Dec. 1988; by C. Covey in Bull. Amer. Meteor. Soc., pp. 1069-1070, Sep. 1988.)

Item #d89sep99

A Climate Modelling Primer, A. Henderson-Sellers, K. McGuffie, 217 pp., 1987, £28.50 (Wiley).

Intended as a graduate text; reviewed in Ecol. Modelling, pp. 69-70, Feb. 1989.

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