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A Guide to Information on Greenhouse Gases and Ozone Depletion
Published July 1988 through June 1999



Item #d90apr101

Ozone in the Atmosphere--Proceedings of the Quadrennial Ozone Symposium 1988 and Tropospheric Ozone Workshop, R.D. Bojkov, P. Fabian, Eds., 789 pp., Jan. 1990, $66 (A. Deepak).

Proceedings of an August 1988 conference (Göttingen, FRG), sponsored by the International Ozone Commission et al., containing nearly 200 papers. Topics include: polar ozone, ozone observations (from ground and space), observations of relevant constituents, reaction kinetics, chemical-radiative-dynamical model studies, and new observational techniques.

Item #d90apr102

Perspectives on Land Modelling, R. Gelinas, D. Bond, B. Smit, Eds., 244 pp., 1989, $21; shipping $2 Can., $3 other (Polyscience).

Proceedings from a workshop (Toronto, Ontario, Nov. 1986) assessing impacts of climatic change and acid rain. Analyzes spatial and temporal characteristics of the land resource base in modeling acid deposition impact.

Item #d90apr103

The following conference preprints/proceedings are available from the American Meteorological Society (prices effective Aug. 1, 1989; add $3 per item for shipping).

Symposium on the Role of Clouds in Atmospheric Chemistry and Global Climate, 1989, $40.

Third International Conference on Southern Hemisphere Meteorology and Oceanography, 1989, $40.

Symposium on Global Change Systems/Special Session on Climate Variations/Joint Session on Hydrology and Climate Variations, 1990, $40.

Item #d90apr104

Planet Under Scrutiny--An Australian Remote Sensing Glossary, D.C. Grieremith, J. Kingwell, 85 pp., $13.95 (Australian Bureau of Meteorology).

Divided into three sections providing: (1) a glossary of remote-sensing instruments and processing systems worldwide, (2) an extensive list of references for further information, and (3) recent technical innovations of interest to the general remote-sensing community. (Reviewed by K.P. Gallo in Bull. Amer. Meteor. Soc., pp. 1579-1580, Dec. 1989.)

Item #d90apr105

Exploiting Remotely Sensed Imagery, K.A. Browning, B.J. Conway et al., Eds., 179 pp., 1988 (The Royal Society).

Proceedings of a meeting of the Royal Society held in March 1987. Provides readable accounts of a variety of image processing systems in the United States, Canada and England. Evaluates advantages and disadvantages of automated approaches with computer graphics versus expert knowledge-based systems for scene classification and target identification. (Reviewed by E.A. Smith in Bull. Amer. Meteor. Soc., 70(6), pp. 684-686, June 1989.)

Item #d90apr106

Our Common Future, United Nations World Commission on Environment and Development, 388 pp., 1987, $10.95 (Oxford Univ. Press).

A report chaired by Gro Harlem Brundtland, Prime Minister of Norway, from 21 commissions. Proposes an international, interdisciplinary global agenda to deal with pressing international environmental problems. (Extended review by T.A. Starrs in Ecol. Law Quart., 16(2), pp. 595-609, 1989.)

Item #d90apr107

Mathematical Modelling of Ocean Circulation, G.I. Marchuk, A.S. Sarkisyan, Eds., 296 pp., 1986, $120 (Springer-Verlag).

This monograph represents a summary of the methods developed by Marchuk for computational fluid dynamics applied specifically to oceanography. Summarizes nearly 40 years of experience gained by Sarkisyan and his co-workers in diagnosing and predicting ocean currents. (Reviewed by K. Bryan in Bull. Amer. Meteor. Soc., pp. 209-210, Feb. 1990.)

Item #d90apr108

CODATA Workshop on Directions for International Compatible Environmental Data. A two-volume report from a 1986 workshop on data sources and experimental techniques. Contact CODATA Secretariat, 51 blvd. de Montmorency, 75016 Paris, France.

Reviews of previously listed books

Item #d90apr109

Atmospheric Radiation--Theoretical Basis, 2nd Ed., R.M. Goody, Y.L. Yung, 528 pp., 1989, $95 (Oxford Univ. Press). Reviewed by J.I. Lunine in Science, p. 476, Vol. 247.

Item #d90apr110

The Little Ice Age, J.M. Grove, 498 pp., 1988, $144/£85 (Methuen). Reviewed by J.T. Overpeck in Science, p. 134, Oct. 9, 1989.

Item #d90apr111

Tropospheric Ozone: Regional and Global Scale Interactions, I.S.A. Isaksen, Ed., 425 pp., 1988, £58/$99 (D. Reidel, through Kluwer). Reviewed by E. Robinson in Water, Air, Soil, Pollut., pp. 415-417, Apr. 1989.

Item #d90apr112

The Changing Atmosphere, F.S. Rowland, I.S.A. Isaksen, Eds., 285 pp., 1988, $89.95 (Wiley). Reviewed by J. Fishman in Bull. Amer. Meteor. Soc., pp. 207-208, Feb. 1990.

Item #d90apr113

Abrupt Climatic Change: Evidence and Implications, W.H. Berger, L.D. Labeyrie, Eds., 425 pp., 1987, $66 (Reidel). Reviewed by C.-D. Schönwiese in Beitr. Phys. Atmos., 62(2), p. 162, May 1989.

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