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A Guide to Information on Greenhouse Gases and Ozone Depletion
Published July 1988 through June 1999



Item #d90feb44

State of the World 1990, L. Brown, Ed., Feb. 1990, $18.95 hbk./$9.95 pbk. + $3 shipping; discount on bulk orders (Worldwatch Inst.).

The seventh edition of a series that presents an up-to-date guide to the world's resources and how they are managed. Among topics included are: slowing global warming, securing water for agriculture, coping with rising sea levels and clearing the air. Ends with a blueprint of a citizens' action guide for an economy that does not undermine ecological foundations.

Item #d90feb45

Climate Change and U.S. Water Resources, P. Waggoner, K. Frederick, N. Rosenberg, Eds., 496 pp., 1990, $69.95 (Wiley).

A panel of experts organized by the American Association for the Advancement of Science and funded by the National Science Foundation has released its report of a 30-month study. Concludes that there are ways to improve the ability of water systems to cope with disruptions or exploit new opportunities, whatever a new climate may bring.

Item #d90feb46

The Greenhouse Effect: Investment Implications and Opportunities, approx. 250 pp., Dec. 1989, $35 (Investor Responsibility Res. Ctr.).

Proceedings of forum held Oct. 4, 1989 (Washington, D.C.) and cosponsored by the Investor Responsibility Research Center and the World Resources Institute. Focuses on the investment applications of the electric power, transportation and real estate industries resulting from the greenhouse effect and its impacts.

Item #d90feb47

Global Climate Change: Human and Natural Influences, S.F. Singer, Ed., 416 pp., Nov. 1989, $34.95 (ICUS, through Paragon House).

Includes interdisciplinary papers on global climate change under three categories: (1) problems resulting from inadvertent by-products of human activities, (2) purposeful modifications of the environment by humans that may have long-range undesirable consequences, and (3) natural changes to the global environment.

Item #d90feb48

Ozone Depletion: Health and Environmental Consequences, R.R. Jones, T. Wigley, Eds., 302 pp., Oct. 1989, $64.40/£35 + $3/£1.50 shipping (Wiley).

Based on a major international conference attended by scientists and political figures, this collection of papers is described by the publisher as a unique compilation of the most recent data on stratospheric ozone depletion, with important contributions on global warming. Section topics include: ozone depletion, global warming, international controls, ultraviolet-induced carcinogenesis, global consequences and political aspects.

Item #d90feb49

Landscape Ecology and Management, M.R. Moss, Ed., 288 pp., $25 + shipping ($2 Can./$3 Foreign) (Polyscience).

Represents the combined efforts of the Canadian Society for Landscape Ecology and Management, the Canadian Committee on Ecological Land Classification and the Department of Geography, University of Guelph. Includes proceedings from the First National Symposium of the Canadian Society for Landscape Ecology and Management (Guelph, Ontario) held in May 1987. Probes global environmental issues and their effect on Canadian landscape management.

Item #d90feb50

Least-Cost Energy, A.R. Lovins, L.H. Lovins et al., 230 pp., 1982 (reprinted 1989), $30 (Rocky Mountain Inst.).

According to the publisher, this book presents the first detailed low-climatic-risk energy policy scenario; it has been reprinted because the scenario remains valid today.

Item #d90feb51

The Global Environmental Movement: Reclaiming Paradise, J. McCormick, 260 pp., 1989, £27.50 (Belhaven Press).

According to a professional environmentalist, represents the first well documented overview of the leading events, personalities and global institutions involved in environmental protection issues during the 20th century. Focuses more on the evolution of national and global institutions than on regional institutions. (Reviewed by C. Whitehead in New Sci., p. 72, Dec. 2, 1989.)

Item #d90feb52

The Fragile Environment, L. Friday, R. Laskey, Eds., 208 pp., 1989, £12.95 (Cambridge).

According to the publishers, brings together a team of distinguished authors to analyze areas of rapid and serious change. Among topics included are deforestation, acid rain and the greenhouse effect.

Item #d90feb53

Reviewed by N. Myers in Nature, pp. 313-314, Nov. 16, 1989: The Fate of the Forest: Developers, Destroyers and Defenders of the Amazon, S. Hecht, A. Cockburn, 256 pp., 1989, $24.95/£16.95 (Verso, London); Saving the Tropical Forests, J. Gradwahl, R. Greenberg, 214 pp., 1989, $24.95 hbk. (Island Press, Washington) / £6.95 pbk. (Earthscan, London).

Item #d90feb54

Integration of Environmental Education into General University Teaching in Europe, C. Susanne, L. Hens, D. Deruyst, Eds., 396 pp., 1989, BF 650/Dfl. 41/$19 (VUB/Press).

Proceedings of conference (Brussels, June 1989) containing 29 papers that illustrate the integration of environmental and ecological concepts in university teaching at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

Item #d90feb55

The Greenhouse Effect: Policy Implications--Proceedings of a Symposium on the Policy Aspects of Climate Change, D. Abrahamson, P. Ciborowski, Eds., $15 (CURA, Univ. Minnesota).

Divided into five sections: (1) Description of the Problem, (2) The Preventive Strategy, (3) The Adaptive Strategy, (4) Integrating Policy and (5) The Industrial Nation Response. All sections are introduced with charts, graphs, summary and explanatory notes.

Item #d90feb56

Pollution and the Struggle for the World Product: Multinational Corporations, Environment, and International Competitive Advantage, H.J. Leonard, 254 pp., 1988, $39.50 (Cambridge).

Discusses how environmental regulations would influence industrial production in the developed and developing world. (Reviewed by J.L. Regens in Chem. Eng. News, pp. 39-40, Oct. 23, 1989.)

Item #d90feb57

World Deforestation in the 20th Century, J.F. Richards, R.P. Tucker, Eds., 304 pp., 1988, $47.50 (Duke Univ. Press).

Addresses the international linkages that drive the processes of deforestation, concentrating on demand and supply patterns in the global marketplace. (Reviewed by N. Myers in Intl. Environ. Affairs, p. 80-82, Winter 1989.)

Item #d90feb58

Public Policies and the Misuse of Forest Resources, R. Repetto, M. Gillis, Eds., 430 pp., 1988, $69.50 hbk./$27.95 pbk. (Cambridge).

Focuses on government policies that induce wasteful use of forest resources. The principal messages are that efficient, sustained use of forest resources is not irreconcilable with development, and that policy reforms to overcome the most serious problems are well understood and waiting to be implemented. (Reviewed by J.R. Vincent in Intl. Environ. Affairs, pp. 245-246, Summer 1989.)

Item #d90feb59

Impact of Sea Level Rise on Society, H.G. Wind, Ed., 191 pp., 1987, $50 (Rotterdam: A.A. Balkema).

Summarizes workshop (Delft, Netherlands) held in 1986. Details the method of policy analysis and workshop's conclusions. Further papers review sea-level rise and the resultant social, economic, environmental, physical and policy responses. (Reviewed by D. Abrahamson in Intl. Environ. Affairs, pp. 84-86, Winter 1989.)

Reviews of books previous listed

Item #d90feb60

Greenhouse Warming: Abatement and Adaptation, N.J. Rosenberg, W.E. Easterling III et al., Eds., 224 pp., June 1989, $18.95 + $3 shipping (Resources for the Future). Reviewed by J. Firori in Science, pp. 1062-1063, Nov. 24, 1989.

Item #d90feb61

The End of Nature, B. McKibben, 226 pp., 1989, $19.95 (Random House). Reviewed by M. Hertsgaard in Mother Jones, pp. 41-42, Dec. 1989.

Item #d90feb62

Ozone Crisis: The 15-Year Evolution of a Sudden Global Emergency, S.L. Roan, 270 pp., 1989, $18.95/£12.95 (Wiley). Reviewed by P. Lloyd in Nature, p. 578, Oct. 19, 1989.

Item #d90feb63

Global Warming: Are We Entering the Greenhouse Century?, S.H. Schneider, 224 pp., 1989, $18.95 (Sierra Club). Reviewed by H.G. Hengeveld in Chem. Eng. News, pp. 39-40, Nov. 13, 1989.

Item #d90feb64

The Earth's Fragile Ecosystems: Perspectives on Global Change, T. Kristensen, J.P. Paludan, Eds., 103 pp., 1988 (Westview Press). Reviewed by C.C. Delwiche in J. Environ. Qual., p. 390, July-Sep. 1989.

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