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A Guide to Information on Greenhouse Gases and Ozone Depletion
Published July 1988 through June 1999



Item #d90jul37

Dead Heat, M. Oppenheimer, R.H. Boyle, 1990, $19.95 (Basic Books; also available as a special member offer from Environ. Defense Fund, 1616 P St. NW, Washington DC 20077).

Explains the need for global action now before the lag time and irreversibility of greenhouse warming prevent useful action.

Item #d90jul38

1990 Electric Utility Business Environment Conference Proceedings, 324 pp., 1990, $150 (Elec. Utility Consultants).

Proceedings from a conference held in March 1990 (Denver, Colorado). Among topics included are global warming, scientific issues overlooked in assessing it, and strategies for industry to reduce global warming.

Item #d90jul39

The Threatening Desert: Controlling Desertification, A. Grainger, 384 pp., 1990, £9.95 (Earthscan).

Written by a lecturer in physical geography at the University of Salford, this takes a new look at ways to control the spread of deserts. Describes the mechanical techniques of forestry, drylands and agriculture that both cause problems and can help cure them. Recommends priorities for action.

Item #d90jul40

Reviewed by F. Pearce in New Sci., p. 63, May 19, 1990.

Beyond Brundtland: Green Development in the 1990s, T. de la Court, 139 pp., £24.95 hbk./£6.95 pbk. (Zed Books). Offers constructive ways to achieve sustainable development in the developing world.

Signs of Hope: Working Towards Our Common Future, L. Starke, 192 pp., £4.95 (Oxford). Reviews the attention (if not action) being paid to sustainable development as a result of the Brundtland Report.

Item #d90jul41

World Environmental and Energy Issues: Their Impact on the Australian Economy--Proceedings of a Seminar--Sydney, Australia, 15 August 1989, A.D. Owen, Ed., 72 pp., 1989, $50/£25 (Ctr. Applied Econ. Res.).

Item #d90jul42

Reviewed by N. Myers in Nature, pp. 499-500, Apr. 5, 1990.

Environmental Data Report--Second Edition, 1989/1990, 547 pp., 1989, $39.95 (Blackwell). Prepared for UNEP by the GEMS monitoring and Assessment Research Centre (London) in cooperation with World Resources Institute and the U.K. Dept. of the Environment, this new edition again covers in great depth the primary topics of pollution, climate change, resources, energy, human health and population. Written for the scientist, agency specialist and all those concerned with understanding emerging trends of our global environment. Includes extensive tables, figures and charts.

International Resource Management, S. Anderson, W. Ostreng, Eds., 301 pp., 1989, $40/£30 (Belhaven). Consists of contributions by 14 experts on various institutional attempts to reconcile the needs of individual nations with those of the community of nations. It includes the atmosphere and ozone depletion as examples and emphasizes the role of the scientist in advising policy makers.

Global Issues in the United Nations' Framework, P. Taylor, A.J.R. Groom, Eds., 371 pp., 1989, $45/£29.50 (Macmillan). A critical discussion of the capacity of the United Nations to deal with global problems.

Item #d90jul43

The Environmental Factor: Its Impact on the World Economy and Your Investments, M. Silverstein, 224 pp., $19.95 + $4 shipping (Dearborn). Analyzes environmental trends and their influence on economic matters.

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