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A Guide to Information on Greenhouse Gases and Ozone Depletion
Published July 1988 through June 1999



Item #d90jul44

Energy Aftermath, T.H. Lee, B.C. Ball Jr., R.D. Tabors, 288 pp., 1990, $24.95 + shipping (Harvard Business School).

Three well-known scholar-practitioners discuss how all sectors of society contributed to the blunders in the energy industry: academics and scientists oversold their ability to analyze and forecast; business leaders searched for simplistic solutions; policy makers preferred high-sounding slogans to studying the complexities of the issue; consumer groups promoted their causes with little reference to economic and market realities. Offers a future approach with many paths to integrate energy systems.

Item #d90jul45

Proceedings of the 1989 Energy and the Environment Conference, 1990, $150 (Electric Utility Consultants).

Thirty-eight papers (representing government, industry, the research community and interest groups) include current perspectives on global warming, CO2 abatement, energy and methane emissions, and renewable energy.

Item #d90jul46

Fossil Fuel Consumption and the Environment, A. Davison, 61 pp., 1989 (Oxford Inst. for Energy Studies, Oxford Univ.).

A review of the environmental impacts of fossil fuel combustion including acid rain, air pollution and greenhouse warming, written in response to a request from the Interaction Council. Includes energy projections to the year 2000 made by the Institute, and World Energy Conference projections beyond 2000. (Reviewed by J. Skea in Energy Policy, pp. 126-127, Jan./Feb. 1990.)

Item #d90jul47

Energy Efficiency: A New Agenda, W.U. Chandler, H.S. Geller, M.R. Ledbetter, 76 pp., July 1988 (American Council for Energy-Efficient Economy).

Addresses efforts to promote energy efficiency and conservation in the U.S. and world-wide. Among areas examined are the utility sector, car and light-truck markets, and residential and commercial buildings. (Reviewed by J. Darmstadter in Clim. Change, pp. 142-143, Feb. 1990.)

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