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A Guide to Information on Greenhouse Gases and Ozone Depletion
Published July 1988 through June 1999



Item #d90may38

Man and His Ecosystem--Proceedings of the 8th World Clean Air Congress 1989, L.J. Brasser, W.C. Mulder, Eds., 2246 pp. (5 vols.), $683/Dfl. 1400 (Elsevier).

Proceedings of a conference held September 1989 in The Hague, sponsored by the International Union of Air Pollution Prevention Associations. Contains 369 papers divided into five theme sections. Theme D topics include monitoring, air pollution chemistry, aerosols and instrumentation. Theme E includes integrated approaches to air pollution control, economic aspects, international cooperation and international law.

Item #d90may39

Global Issues and Sustainability: Proceedings of a Seminar Held in Wellington, 9 March 1989, $8. Available from Ministry for the Environment, POB 10-362, Wellington NZ. Proceedings cover global environmental issues, depletion of the ozone layer, international initiatives on climate change and the sustainability message presented in 1987 by the Brundtland Report.

Item #d90may40

Turning Up the Heat: Our Perilous Future in the Global Greenhouse, F. Pearce, 230 pp., 1989, £12.95 (Bodley Head, London).

Describes the history and science of global warming with an integrated journalistic approach. Explains possible responses to global greenhouse effects based on the Gaia hypothesis, as well as technical fixes. (Reviewed by J. Leggett in New Sci., p. 62, Mar. 31, 1990; by J.S. Perry in Clim. Change, p. 487-488, Dec. 1989; and by P. McCully in Ecologist, pp. 262-263, Nov./Dec. 1989.)

Item #d90may41

The following are reviewed by P. McCully in Ecologist, pp. 262-263, Nov./Dec. 1989: The Greenhouse Effect: A Practical Guide to the World's Changing Climate, S. Boyle, J. Ardill, 298 pp., 1989, £3.50 (New English Library, London); Slowing Global Warming: A World Strategy, C. Flavin, 94 pp., 1989, $4/£2.50. Available from Worthyvale Manor, Camelford, Cornwall, PL32 9TT, UK.

Item #d90may42

Winds of Change, J. Gribbin, M. Kelly, 162 pp., 1989, £14.95 hbk./ £9.95 pbk. (Hodder & Stoughton, London).

Presents a comprehensive analysis of the science and policy of global warming. Debates the relative merits of action and adaptation policies. Systematically accounts for all actions considered to date, and discusses the concerned citizens' active role. (Reviewed by J. Leggett in New Sci., p. 62, Mar. 31, 1990.)

Item #d90may43

Session Books and Proceedings of the Air and Waste Association 82nd Annual Meeting and Exhibition, 9 vols., 1989. Nine volume set: $900 plus $15 shipping (U.S.), $30 (Canada, Mexico), $70 (foreign); preprint pages $10/$5 AWMA members; individual session books: variable prices (AWMA).

Proceedings from a conference (Anaheim, California), June 1989. Contains over 650 peer-reviewed technical papers from 134 sessions providing current information about air pollution control and environmental management. Includes the following session titles: "Stratospheric Ozone Depletion: Control Strategies and Technologies" (Session 4); "CFC Reduction: Beyond Montreal" (Session 5); "Global Climate Change: Impacts and Responses" (Session 148); "Global Climate Change: Processes and Linkages" (Session 119); "Health Issues Associated with Global Environmental Modification" (Session 13).

Item #d90may44

Reviewed by N. Myers in BioScience, pp. 303-305, Apr. 1990: The Challenge of Global Warming, D.E. Abrahamson, Ed., 356 pp., 1989, $34.95 hbk./ $19.95 pbk. (Island Press); Global Warming: Entering the Greenhouse Century, S.H. Schneider, 324 pp., 1989, $18.95 (Sierra); Greenhouse Warming: Abatement and Adaptation, N.J. Rosenberg, W.E. Easterling III et al., Eds., 1989, $18.95 (Resources for the Future); The Greenhouse Effect: A Practical Guide to the World's Changing Climate, S. Boyle, J. Ardill, 298 pp., £3.50 (Hodder & Stoughton, London).

Item #d90may45

Global Change and Our Common Future, 227 pp., 1989, $24 (National Academy Press).

Report issued by the Committee on Global Change of the National Research Council resulting from a forum (Washington, D.C.) held in May 1989. Contains 22 articles from international experts on all aspects of global change. (Reviewed in BioScience, p. 333, Apr. 1990.)

Item #d90may46

Ice Time: Climate, Science, and Life on Earth, 256 pp., 1989, $18.95 (Harper & Row).

Takes a combined literary and journalistic approach to describing the physical and chemical evolution of the earth up through the contemporary problems of climate change, acid rain, deforestation and ozone depletion. Emphasizes the roles of individual scientists working on these topics. (Reviewed by J.S. Perry in Clim. Change, pp. 487-488, Dec. 1989 and by M.J. Keables in Bull. Amer. Meteor. Soc., pp. 57-58, Jan. 1990.)

Item #d90may47

Thinking the Unthinkable: Civilization and Rapid Climate Change, L. Dotto, 73 pp., 1987 (Wilfrid Laurier Univ. Press, Waterloo, Ontario, Can.).

A monograph resulting from the conference Civilization and Rapid Climate Change (Alberta, Can.) held in August 1987. Contends that modern society is more vulnerable to rapid change in climate than more primitive societies, and that global environmental problems are analogous to nuclear winter effects that would result in rapid climate change. (Reviewed by P.M. Morrisette, pp. 493-494, Clim. Change, Dec. 1989.)

Reviews of Previous Entries

Item #d90may48

State of the World 1990, L. Brown, Ed., 253 pp., 1990, £6.95 (W.W. Norton) or $18.95 hbk./$9.95 pbk. (Worldwatch Inst.). Reviewed by D. MacKenzie in New Sci., p. 58, Mar. 24, 1990.

Item #d90may49

Global Warming: Entering the Greenhouse Century, S.H. Schneider, 324 pp., 1989, $18.95 (Sierra Club). Reviewed by P.R. Ehrlich, A.H. Ehrlich in BioScience, p. 305, Apr. 1990, and by S.S. Miller in Environ. Sci. Technol., p. 37, 24(1), 1990.

Item #d90may50

The Ages of Gaia--A Biography of Our Living Earth, J.E. Lovelock, 252 pp., 1988, $16.95 (W.W. Norton). Reviewed by A. Henderson-Sellers in Clim. Change, pp. 489-493, Dec. 1989.

Item #d90may51

The Greenhouse Effect, Climatic Change, and Ecosystems, B. Bolin et al., Eds., 541 pp., 1987, £56 (Wiley, Chichester). Reviewed in Agric. For. Meteor., p. 258, Feb. 1990.

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