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A Guide to Information on Greenhouse Gases and Ozone Depletion
Published July 1988 through June 1999



To order items other than the first, contact WRI Pubs., Hampden Sta., Baltimore MD (301-338-6963) or Third World Pubs. Ltd., 151 Stratford Rd., Birmingham B11 1RD, UK; inquire for postage and handling.

Item #d90may52

World Resources 1990-1991, 384 pp., June 1990 (Oxford Univ. Press).

A comprehensive source of essential economic, population, environmental and natural resource data for 146 countries. Contains summaries of global resource issues and current trends in such areas as deforestation, air pollution, energy, population and health, endangered wildlife, and natural resource accounting.

Item #d90may53

The Greenhouse Trap: What We're Doing to the Atmosphere and How We Can Slow Global Warming, F. Lyman, I. Mintzer et al., 190 pp., Apr. 1990, $9.95.

The first in a series of comprehensive and readable World Resources Institute Guides to the Environment. Provides essential background on global warming and options for personal and public action. Includes a global perspective on American environmental policy, and speculates on an environmental future that is being decided now. Future WRI guides will focus on deforestation and energy.

Item #d90may54

Protecting the Ozone Shield: Strategies for Phasing Out CFCs during the 1990s, I. Mintzer, W.R. Moomaw, A.S. Miller, 30 pp., Apr. 1990, $7.50. Explores and evaluates specific options for rapidly phasing out the consumption and release of damaging CFC emissions.

Item #d90may55

Reforesting America: Combatting Global Warming? M.C. Trexler, W.R. Moomaw, 35 pp., Mar. 1990, $7.50.

Assesses the impact of various United States forestry initiatives to alleviate global warming problems, showing how U.S. forestry options are not as easy or inexpensive as commonly believed.

Item #d90may56

Solar Hydrogen: Moving Beyond Fossil Fuels, J.M. Ogden, R.H. Williams, 123 pp., 1989, $10.

Assesses the potential of solar hydrogen as a replacement for oil by comparing its cost and uses with both traditional and synthetic fuels. Charts a path for developing markets for this economically viable and environmentally attractive alternate energy.

Item #d90may57

Driving Forces: Motor Vehicle Trends and Their Implications for Global Warming, J.J. MacKenzie, M.P. Walsh, 50 pp., May 1990, $10.

Documents how transportation in the United States and the world contributes to greenhouse gas build-up. Presents projections of future motor vehicle use. Examines overall impacts of vehicles on future climate modification through a series of case studies focused on different areas of the world.

Item #d90may58

The Crucial Decade: The 1990s and the Global Environmental Challenge, 30 pp., 1989, $7.50.

Briefly describes critical world environmental problems and a checklist of measures to deal with them. Focuses on large-scale atmospheric deterioration and biological impoverishment. Concludes that concerted world efforts begun now to face resource, environmental and population problems could be successful.

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