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A Guide to Information on Greenhouse Gases and Ozone Depletion
Published July 1988 through June 1999



Item #d90oct37

Global Climate Change Linkages, J.C. White, W. Wagner, C.N. Beale, Eds., 272 pp., 1990, £58/$75 (Elsevier).

Proceedings of a conference sponsored by the Air Resources Information Clearinghouse of the Center for Environmental Information, Inc. Focuses on the influence of potential climate changes on acid rain, air quality, stratospheric ozone and other issues related to the atmosphere. Examines possible national and international policies for coping with the future and outlines research needs and strategies for dealing with climatic change.

Item #d90oct38

Earth Observations and Global Change Decision Making: A National Partnership, G.W. Ginsberg, J. Angelo, Eds., Fall 1990, $64.50 + shipping (Krieger).

Proceedings of a conference held in October 1989 (Washington). Sections include speeches presented, global change and data, global change and education, global change and policy, and a glossary and reference fact list.

Item #d90oct39

The Global Commons: Policy for the Planet, H. Cleveland, 130 pp., Aug. 1990, $13.75 (Aspen Inst.).

A collection of papers in which four physical environments (outer space, the atmosphere, the oceans and Ant-arctica) are treated in international law and customs as parts of a 'global commons.' This concept influences national economic and social priorities, the strategies of international business, and the governance of our global environments.

Item #d90oct40

The following compact guides are reviewed briefly by J. Gribbin in New Sci., p. 55, Sep. 1, 1990.

The Greenhouse Effect and Terrestrial Ecosystems in the UK, M.G.R. Cannell, M.D. Hooper, Eds., 56 pp., £4.95 (HMSO). Emphasizes science; contains many references.

The Greenhouse Effect and its Implications for the European Community, R.A. Warrick, E.M. Barrow, T.M.L. Wigley, 30 pp., price 5 EC units (CEC). Lighter in approach than the previous entry and deals with broader topics.

Item #d90oct41

Public Policies for Environmental Protection, P.R. Portney, Ed., 323 pp., 1990, $9.95 (Resources for the Future).

Emphasizes the role of economics and the several ways by which the benefits and costs of environmental policy may be measured.

Item #d90oct42

Energy and Climate Change--Report of the DOE Multi-Laboratory Climate Change Committee, M. McCracken, Ed., 161 pp., 1990, $39.95 + shipping (Lewis).

Provides an overview of the potential chemical, climatic and environmental effects of continuing emissions of carbon dioxide and other radiatively and chemically active trace gases.

Item #d90oct43

Environment in Key Words, 972 pp., Mar. 1990, $270 (Pergamon).

A multilingual, two-volume handbook of the environment, written in parallel English, German, French and Russian texts. Provides the basic tools of communication in the specialized fields of environmental sciences among these languages. For environmentalists, ecologists, earth scientists, lexicographers, terminologists and translators.

Item #d90oct44

The Greenhouse Effect Sourcebook, £23.50 + shipping. Orders to Info. and Library Service, Inst. Mechanical Engineers, 1 Birdcage Walk, Westminster, London SW1H 9JJ. Includes details of organizations, technical literature, reports, books, conferences and available data bases.

Item #d90oct45

Biomass Forestry in Europe: A Strategy for the Future, F.C. Hummel, W. Palz, G. Grassi, Eds., 600 pp., 1989, £65/$117 (Elsevier).

Reviews achievements thus far in the European Community and makes recommendations for future policy, practice and research. Reviewed by J.F. Kennedy and E.H.M. Melo in Chem. & Industry, pp. 363-364, June 4, 1990.

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