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A Guide to Information on Greenhouse Gases and Ozone Depletion
Published July 1988 through June 1999



Item #d90sep11

"A New Global Ethic, A New Global Partnership," G.H. Brundtland, J. Air Waste Mgmt. Assoc., 40(6), 834-836, June 1990. In a keynote address, the former Prime Minister of Norway calls for a global partnership between government and industry, producers and consumers, and between the present and the future. Proposes that the industrialized nations contribute 0.1% of their gross domestic products to a World Climate Fund to support developing countries on their paths to sustainable development.

Item #d90sep12

"What Price the Global Greenhouse?" J. Maddox, Nature, 345(6273), 287, May 24, 1990. A discussion of the difficulty of determining the economic impact of climatic change, using recent examples.

Item #d90sep13

"The Warming of the Earth: Perspectives and Solutions in the Third World," G.M. Woodwell (Woods Hole Res. Ctr., POB 296, Woods Hole MA 02943), K. Ramakrishna, Environ. Conserv., 16(4), 289-291, Winter 1989. Summarizes the highly constructive report from the International Conference on Global Warming and Climatic Change held in February 1989 (New Delhi), which has been used as the basis for further analyses.

Item #d90sep14

"Microcosm of Energy Policy--The U.S. Congress 1987-1988," W.H. Donnelly (Congress. Res. Serv., Library of Congress, Washington DC 20540), Energy Policy, 17(2), 139-141, Apr. 1989. Summarizes the legislation dealing with oil and natural gas, nuclear power, conservation and environmental effects, noting that most of the decisions addressed short-term problems and offered politically compromised solutions.

Item #d90sep15

"The Greenhouse Effect: Issues for Policymakers," ibid., 177-180. As the understanding of the future size and impacts of the greenhouse effect evolves, high levels of concern will emphasize limiting CO2 emissions by restricting fossil fuel use.

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