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A Guide to Information on Greenhouse Gases and Ozone Depletion
Published July 1988 through June 1999



Item #d91apr49

National Energy Strategy, First Ed., 1991/1992, Feb. 1991. (See News, this Global Climate Change Digest issue--Apr. 1991.) Order from U.S. Govt. Printing Off., Washington DC 20402 (202-783-3238). Executive Summary (Stock #061-000-00755-5), 25 pp., $2.25; full report (#061-000-00754-7), $16.

Item #d91apr50

Investing in Solar Energy: Recommendations for the U.S. Department of Energy's Research and Development Budget for Renewable Energy Technologies, FY 1992-1994, 48 pp., Mar. 1991. Available from Public Citizen, 215 Pennsylvania Ave. SE, Washington DC 20003 (202-546-4996); $10. Presented to the U.S. Congress by a coalition of 32 consumer, environmental, industry and state government organizations. (See News, this Global Climate Change Digest issue--Apr. 1991.)

Item #d91apr51

America at the Crossroads: A National Energy Strategy Poll, 23 pp., Jan. 1991. Contact A. Meyer, Union of Concerned Sci. (UCS), 1616 P St. NW, S. 310, Washington DC 20036 (202-332-0900).

Conducted by leading Democratic and Republic pollsters for UCS and other groups. A national survey of 1200 adults shows that three out of four believe reducing energy demand makes more sense than increasing domestic production. Seven out of ten favor a U.S. lead in international action against global warming, and most favor 40 mpg vehicle mileage standards.

Item #d91apr52

The Heat Is On: America's CO2 Polluters, 40 pp., Nov. 1990. Available from Citizen Action, 1300 Connecticut Ave. NW, S. 401, Washington DC 20036 (202-857-5153); $25.

Aimed at influencing the national energy strategy, this study found that electric utilities emitted 36% of the nation's total CO2; the transportation sector was next at 30% and the industrial sector 23%. Emissions are tabulated by state and by individual utility plants. Investment in energy efficiency is recommended.

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