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A Guide to Information on Greenhouse Gases and Ozone Depletion
Published July 1988 through June 1999



Item #d91apr53

7th Parliamentary and Scientific Conference: Coping with Global Environmental Change--The Role of Science and Democracy, 272 pp., 1991. Published by the Council of Europe, B.P. 431 R6, F-67006 Strasbourg Cedex, France.

Contains the proceedings of the conference (June 11-14, 1990, Ottawa, Ont., Can.) covering the problem setting, environment and economy, and strategies for the future. Participating were representatives of national legislative bodies, government ministries and embassies, universities and scientific organizations, industry, nongovernmental organizations.

Item #d91apr54

Encyclopedia of Earth System Science, W.A. Nierenberg, Ed., 2,500 pp. (4 vol. set), expected Sep. 1991, $825 pre-publication/$950 post-publication (Academic).

Covers all relevant disciplines and contains in-depth, cross referenced articles, glossaries and bibliographies, and a 15,000-entry subject index. Expected to appeal to a broad audience of modelers, policy makers, researchers, corporate executives, students and educated generalists.

Item #d91apr55

The Clean Air Act Amendments: BNA's Comprehensive Analysis of the New Law, 450 pp., Apr. 1991, $95 + $5 shipping, order no. BSP-150 (BNA).

Called by the publisher a unique blend of journalism and insider thinking that will lead to better understanding of the new law and to anticipation of the effect of impending regulations on industry and the environment. Contains examinations of specific provisions including ozone-depleting chemicals.

Item #d91apr56

Market Mechanisms for Pollution Control, 1990, Ј60 IEA member countries/Ј180 others (IEA).

Item #d91apr57

Energy & Environmental Strategies for the 1990s, M.J. Winer, M. Jackson, Eds., 652 pp., 1990, $62 (Fairmont).

Contains a compilation of papers from the 13th World Energy Engineering Congress, and considers energy and environment, energy management, combustion and lighting efficiency, CFC reduction and emission control.

Item #d91apr58

Nuclear Winter and the End of the Arms Race, C. Sagan, R. Turco, 1990, $19.95 (Random House).

Summarizes 20 years of research and public controversy following publication of the nuclear winter hypothesis. The first section summarizes scientific knowledge about nuclear winter and its consequences, such as climate alteration and production of gases like carbon monoxide. The second section looks at policy issues and reviews the political debates in various countries. Reviewed by G. Brasseur, Eos, p. 43, Jan. 29, 1991.

Item #d91apr59

Environmental Problems and Solutions, T.N. Veziroglu, 525 pp., 1990 (Hemisphere). Discusses attacks on the biosphere, where the leading offenders are the greenhouse effect and various pollutants.

Item #d91apr60

Our Common Future: A Canadian Response to the Challenge of Sustainable Development, 85 pp., 1990, Can$15 (Harmony). Proceedings of a national forum (Aug. 18-21, 1990, Peterborough, Ont.) containing recommendations for action on energy, agriculture and other areas. (Working group summary is in French as well as English.)

Item #d91apr61

Global Warming and Climate Change: Perspectives from Developing Countries, S. Gupta, R.K. Pachauri, Eds., 286 pp., 1990, $60 (TERI). Proceedings from a conference (Feb. 1989, New Delhi).

Item #d91apr62

Greenhouse and Energy, D.J. Swaine, Ed., 496 pp., Nov. 1990, Aust$70 Australia, New Zealand/US$70 elsewhere (CSIRO).

Based on papers presented at a conference (Dec. 1989, Macquarie Univ., Australia) on a wide variety of topics with an emphasis on Australian conditions. Provides a basis for future research and better-informed assessments.

Item #d91apr63

Climate in Crisis, The Greenhouse Effect and What We Can Do, A.K. Bates, 228 pp., 1990, $11.95 (The Book Pub. Co.).

Presents a number of worst-case scenarios relating to climate change, concluding with a discussion of a new agenda and ideas for limiting environmental damage. Reviewed by J.S. Perry in Clim. Change, pp. 9-12, Aug. 1990.

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