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A Guide to Information on Greenhouse Gases and Ozone Depletion
Published July 1988 through June 1999



The following are detailed synopses of key findings of projects supported by the U.S. EPA, available at no charge from its Center for Environmental Research Information (CERI), 26 W. Martin Luther King Dr., Cincinnati OH 45268 (513-569-7562). Full reports (same title and EPA number without the "S") can be ordered from NTIS using the PB numbers and prices given.

Item #d91dec58

Approach for Estimating Global Landfill Methane Emissions (EPA/600/S7-91/002), R.L. Peer et al. (Radian Corp., Research Triangle Pk. NC 27709), 2 pp., Apr. 1991. NTIS: PB91-149534; $17. An overview of available country-specific data and modeling approaches for estimating emissions.

Item #d91dec59

An Overview of Climate Information Needs for Ecological Effects Models (EPA/600/S3-90/089), R.L. Peer (address above), 1 p., Feb. 1991. NTIS: PB91-125898; $17. Through literature review and personal contact, determined needs for several types of models: biome, ecosystem (process), tree and agricultural.

Item #d91dec60

Evaluation of Significant Anthropogenic Sources of Radiatively Important Trace Gases (EPA/600/S8-90/079), S.D. Piccot et al. (Alliance Technol. Corp., Chapel Hill NC 27514), 6 pp., Jan. 1991. NTIS: PB91-127753; $23. Assembles and refines country- and source-specific data, on sources such as various forms of fossil fuel combustion, rice paddies and other agricultural activities, and CFCs.

Item #d91dec61

National and State-Level Emissions Estimates of Radiatively Important Trace Gases (RITGs) from Anthropogenic Sources (EPA/600/S8-90/073), S.D. Piccot (address above), M. Saeger, 3 pp., Jan. 1991. NTIS: PB91-103572; $17. Estimates for CO2, CH4, CFCs and O3 precursors were prepared in support of the National Governors' Association Task Force on Global Climate Change. Natural sources were excluded.

Item #d91dec62

Literature Review of Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Biogenic Sources (EPA/600/S8-90/071), D. Campbell et al. (Radian Corp., Research Triangle Pk. NC 27709), 2 pp., Jan. 1991. NTIS: PB90-274085; $17. Data from about 170 sources published over the last 10 years are the basis for estimates for CO2, CH4, CO, N2O and NOx. Includes emission factors, budget estimates, and reservoir estimates of the potential amount of greenhouse gas stored in specific ecosystems or types of biota.

Item #d91dec63

Emissions and Cost Estimates for Globally Significant Anthropogenic Combustion Sources of NOx, CH4, CO and CO2 (EPA/600/S7-90/010), S.D. Piccot et al. (addr. immed. above), 8 pp., Aug. 1990. NTIS: PB90-216433; $23. Emission factors and data needed for estimating control costs were developed for about 80 globally significant combustion sources in seven source categories--utility, industrial, fuel production, transportation, residential, commercial and kilns/ovens/dryers.

Item #d91dec64

Strategies for the Development of Climate Scenarios for Impact Assessment: Phase 1 Final Report (EPA/600/S3-90/026), P.J. Robinson (Univ. N. Carolina, Chapel Hill NC 27599), P.L. Finkelstein, 5 pp., Aug. 1990. NTIS: PB90-192022; $17. Available techniques were assessed through literature reviews and consultations with scenario development experts. Major needs of potential users were determined, such as statistics on climatic events exceeding certain thresholds, and general information about storminess.

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