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A Guide to Information on Greenhouse Gases and Ozone Depletion
Published July 1988 through June 1999



Item #d91feb49

Dynamics, Transport and Photochemistry in the Middle Atmosphere of the Southern Hemisphere, A. O'Neill, Ed., 257 pp., Oct. 1990, $89/£50/Dfl.145 (Kluwer). NATO ASI Series C: Math./Phys. Sci., Vol. 321.

Contains 18 papers as the proceedings from a NATO Advanced Research Workshop (Apr. 1989, San Francisco, Calif.), the third to be held as part of the Middle Atmosphere in the Southern Hemisphere (MASH) project.

Item #d91feb50

Towards a Theory on Biological-Physical Interactions in the World Ocean, B.J. Rothschild, Ed., 650 pp., 1988, $159/£86/Dfl.295 (Kluwer). Reviewed by H. Maske, in Beitr. Phys. Atmos., p. 82, Feb. 1990. Contains 29 papers from a NATO Advanced Research Workshop (1987, Castera-Verduzan, France).

Item #d91feb51

Atmospheric Chemistry: Models and Predictions for Climate and Air Quality, C.S. Sloane, T.W. Tesche, 109 pp., expected Mar. 1991, $34.95/$42 outside U.S. (Lewis).

Major topics include large-scale models for ozone depletion and global warming; cloud processes and feedback; chemistry of stratospheric ozone depletion; impact of CFC and CFC substitutes on stratospheric ozone; causes, effects and implications of global warming; the implications for tropospheric ozone from the interaction of atmospheric chemistry and climate change.

Item #d91feb52

Environmental Data Bases: Design, Implementation and Maintenance, G.Y. Michael, 107 pp., expected Mar. 1991, $34.95/$42 outside U.S. (Lewis).

Designed to help managers, attorneys, regulators, planners and engineers establish computerized data bases. Discusses database structure, software and hardware selection, system management, and using consultants. Summarizes how to use data bases to demonstrate compliance with permits and to support permit negotiations.

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