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A Guide to Information on Greenhouse Gases and Ozone Depletion
Published July 1988 through June 1999



Item #d91feb53

Global Forest Resources, A.S. Mather, 341 pp., 1990, £40 (Belhaven). Includes a history of forests, and discusses their exploitation and sustainable use. Reviewed by K. Mellanby in Nature, p. 26, Nov. 1, 1990.

Item #d91feb54

Australian Tropical Rainforests, L.J. Webb, J. Kikkawa, Eds., 192 pp., 1990, £55 (CSIRO). Contains 22 papers on the tropical rainforest in the province of Queensland, providing a multidisciplinary view of the political, ethical and philosophical outgrowths of science that now stimulate public awareness and debate. The rainforest, which is thought to have persisted as wet tropics over the last six million years, is now listed in the World Heritage List. Reviewed by K. Mellanby, ibid.

Item #d91feb55

The Amazon: A Satellite's View (Amazonia: Olhos de Satelite), 143 pp., 1990, approx. US$130 (text in Portuguese, English and French). Published by Editoraçôes Ltda.; available from A.G. Ferreira, Rua Morura, Brazil, 50, Sao Paulo, SP Brazil 05507.

Contains false color satellite images of changes that have occurred from settlement, mining, ranching and hydroelectric dams. Contrasts these images page by page with terrestrial photographs of nature, flowers, settlers, burned clearings. Briefly reviewed, with accompanying photographs by J. Beard in New Scientist, p. 50, Oct. 20, 1990, and by R. Bonalume in Nature, p. 344, Sep. 27, 1990.

Item #d91feb56

The Burning Season. The Murder of Chico Mendes and the Fight for the Amazon Rain Forest, A. Revkin, 317 pp., 1990, $19.95 (Houghton)/£16 hbk./£9.99 pbk. (Collins, U.K.).

Traces Mendes' life, his development of the concept of the "extractive reserve," and his conclusion that it is rational to save the rainforest because it will be worth more if it can be harvested sustainably. Follows events relating to the rainforest after his death. Reviewed by A. Anderson in Nature, p. 805, Aug. 30, 1990.

Item #d91feb57

Saving the Tropical Forests, J. Gradwohl, R. Greenberg, 207 pp., 1988, $34.95 (Island).

A sourcebook on the causes and effects of tropical deforestation with several case studies and coverage of restoration of tropical forests. Reviewed by P.H. Raven in Clim. Change, p. 141, 1990.

Item #d91feb58

Development or Destruction: The Conversion of Forest to Pasture in Latin America, H.A. Pearson, S.B. Hecht, T.E. Downing, Eds., 416 pp., May 1990, $25 (Westview). A study from the U.S. Man and Biosphere Program that explored the dynamics of cattle production, its social and environmental effects, and alternatives to pasture conversions.

Item #d91feb59

Tropical Resources: Ecology and Development, J.I. Furtado, W.B. Morgan et al., Eds., 304 pp., May 1990 (Harwood, distributed by STBS). Also published as Resour. Mgmt. Optimization, 7(1-4).

Contains a broad range of topics including discussions of how to utilize available tropical resources (forests, wildlife, wetlands, sea); ecological considerations of pasture resources; tropical soils and their relation to tropical forests.

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