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A Guide to Information on Greenhouse Gases and Ozone Depletion
Published July 1988 through June 1999



Item #d91jul86

Global Warming: Economic Policy Responses, R. Dornbusch, J.M. Poterba, Eds., 416 pp., expected Aug. 1991, $29.95 (MIT).

Looks at the economic effects, summarizing current thinking. Contributors examine which countries will suffer most, what economic initiatives could reduce CO2 emissions and CFC use, and prospects for international cooperation.

Item #d91jul87

Greenhouse Warming: Negotiating a Global Regime, J.T. Mathews, Ed., 98 pp., 1991, $12.50 (WRI).

A collection of essays by experts that analyze different frameworks and strategies for international cooperation and offer specific suggestions for formulating, implementing and enforcing a global regime.

Item #d91jul88

Planet Earth: The View from Space, D.J. Baker, 192 pp., 1990, $25 (Harvard).

An international overview of existing space-based satellites and their instrumentation, including data gathering on earth-sun interaction, land vegetation patterns, ocean color, temperature, the atmosphere, polar ice sheets, shape and motion of the Earth's crust, and the Earth's gravity field.

Item #d91jul89

The Fifth Branch--Science Advisers as Policymakers, S. Jasanoff, 320 pp., $27.95, 1990 (Harvard).

As regulatory agencies increasingly depend on scientific and technical information, scientists have exerted greater influence on public policy. Opinions differ about how to balance this against other policy concerns. A case for procedural reforms is made.

Item #d91jul90

Impact of Sea Level Rise on Cities and Regions, 240 pp., $35/Ј35 + $10/Ј10 shipping (Centro Intl. Citta d'Acqua).

Item #d91jul91

Climate and Sea Level Change, R.A. Warrick, T.M.L. Wigley, Eds., 250 pp., 1990, approx. $45 (Cambridge).

Considers historic data on sea level change and looks at projected changes and the impacts of climate change.

Item #d91jul92

The Atmosphere of the Living Planet Earth (WMO No. 735), J.P. Bruce, 42 pp., 1990 (WMO).

Explains the evolution of the atmosphere, the rapid changes in its composition, and some of the serious consequences of those changes such as global warming, ozone depletion, contamination of food webs and acidic deposition.

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