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A Guide to Information on Greenhouse Gases and Ozone Depletion
Published July 1988 through June 1999



Item #d91nov77

Saving the Planet--How to Shape an Environmentally Sustainable Economy, L.R. Brown, C. Flavin, S. Postel, 224 pp., 1991, US$8.95/Can.$10.99 (Norton/Worldwatch).

So far, no country has an economy that is sustainable--one that can endure over the long term without consuming its natural base. This volume describes how a less polluting, solar-energy-based economy would function, and how existing technologies can make it a reality. Urges nations to consider major changes in tax policies--partially shifting from taxing income to taxing energy use, pollution and other activities that damage the environment.

Item #d91nov78

Climate Change: Science, Impacts and Policy. Proceedings of the Second World Climate Conference, J. J├Ąger, H.L. Ferguson, Eds., 592 pp., 1991, $95 (£50) hbk./$44.95 (£24.95) pbk. (Cambridge). A statement about current knowledge of climate change and its effects, and a summary of the technical programs and political actions needed to deal with this problem.

Item #d91nov79

Climate Change: The IPCC Response Strategies, 272 pp., 1991, $55 hbk./$34.95 pbk. (Island).

Includes subgroup reports from the IPCC Response Strategies Working Group on energy and industry, agriculture, forestry and other human activities, coastal zone management, and resource use and management.

Item #d91nov80

Preserving the Global Environment: The Challenge of Shared Leadership, J.T. Mathews, Ed., 362 pp., 1991 (Norton). Reviewed by S. Dalal in J. Intl. Affairs, pp. 526-529, Winter 1991.

A collection of nine essays that the reviewer feels stands apart as a book because it is simple in its logic and persuasive in its arguments. It reads as a prospectus to make believers out of its readers and also encourages intelligent speculation about how to safeguard the environment.

Item #d91nov81

Earth in the Balance--Healing the Global Environment, A. Gore, 320 pp., expected Jan. 1992, $21.95 (Houghton-Mifflin). A U.S. Senator argues that only a radical rethinking of our relationship with nature can save the Earth for future generations.

Item #d91nov82

Selected Multilateral Treaties in the Field of the Environment. Vol. II, 540 pp., 1991, $130/£65 pbk. (Grotius). Published jointly with the U.N. Environ. Prog. Vol. I is still available at $80/£40. The two-volume set costs $180/£90. Vol. II contains 50 conventions concluded from 1970 to 1989, with some earlier conventions that supplement Vol. I, which covered 1933-1979.

Item #d91nov83

Global Atmospheric Change and Public Health, J.C. White, Ed., 280 pp., 1990, $85 U.S. & Can./£58 elsewhere (Elsevier). Reviewed by J.P. Lodge Jr. in Atmos. Environ., pp. 2061-2062, 1991.

The proceedings of a conference (Dec. 1989, Washington, D.C.) sponsored by the Center for Environmental Information, Rochester, N.Y. Topics include the effects of UV light on the human immune system, interactions of climate change with infectious disease and human nutrition, UV light and cataracts. Four chapters cover information: needs and sources, trends, need for further research.

Item #d91nov84

Antarctica and Global Climatic Change, C. Harris, B. Stonehouse, 192 pp., 1991, $79.95 (Lewis).

In three parts, covers (1) state of knowledge; (2) atmosphere, ice and ocean; (3) ecology, conservation and management. Includes chapters on response strategies to mitigate impacts and a selected guide to recent literature.

Item #d91nov85

Proceedings of the International Workshop on Large-Scale Reforestation (EPA/600/9-91/014), J. Winjum, P.E. Schroeder, M.J. Kenady, Eds., 160 pp., 1991 (CERI/EPA).

Topics include ecological considerations of large-scale reforestation projects; operational considerations from a Pacific Northwest perspective; reforestation in British Columbia, India and New Zealand; afforestation in Britain; agroforestry in Guatemala; industrial eucalyptus plantations in the Congo.

Item #d91nov86

A Path Where No Man Thought: Nuclear Winter and the End of the Arms Race, C. Sagan, R. Turco, 499 pp., 1991, $27.95/£20 (Random). Reviewed by J. Ruina in Nature, pp. 765-766, Aug. 29, 1991. The first half of the book deals with the climatic consequences of massive nuclear attack; the second with nuclear policy.

Item #d91nov87

Natural Areas Facing Climate Change, P. Malanson, Ed., 92 pp., 1989, $19 (SPB). Reviewed by H. van Miegroet in J. Environ. Qual., p. 702, July-Sep. 1991.

Contains five scientific papers and two commentaries from a symposium and provides selected thoughts and specific insights relating the process of scientific inquiry. The commentaries concern what changing climatic conditions might mean to the managers of natural areas of limited size.

Item #d91nov88

1992 Briefing Book on Environmental and Energy Legislation, 190 pp., 1991, $75 (EESI). Prepared for Congress by the Environmental and Energy Study Conference, a bipartisan Congressional Office. Provides background and current legislative status of 35 key issues, summaries of 13 major laws, and a budget primer.

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