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A Guide to Information on Greenhouse Gases and Ozone Depletion
Published July 1988 through June 1999



Item #d91nov89

Chemical Oceanography, F.J. Millero, M.L. Sohn, 448 pp., 1991, $79.95 U.S./$96 elsewhere (CRC). Based on courses taught over a 10-year period. Topics include dissolved gases other than CO2, the carbonate system, ocean processes such as atmospheric chemistry.

Item #d91nov90

Satellite Remote Sensing in Climatology, A.M. Carleton, 250 pp., 1991, $89.95 (CRC).

Emphasizes the contribution of satellite data to development of climate theory, climate teleconnections and surface-atmosphere interactions, large-scale features of the general circulation, the importance of satellite information to developing baseline regimes of climatically significant variables.

Item #d91nov91

Satellite Remote Sensing of Polar Regions: Applications, Limitations and Data Availability, R.A. Massom, 320 pp., 1991, $69.95 (Lewis). Outlines the evolution of satellite-borne remote sensing, evaluates satellites currently operating, looks at future developments.

Item #d91nov92

Atmospheric Transmission, Emission and Scattering, T.G. Kyle, 300 pp., 1991, $80 (Pergamon).

Includes associated meteorology and atmospheric composition, aerosol and raindrop distributions, molecular absorption by species, detailed atmospheric models, distribution of trace gases, standardized software and available data bases.

Item #d91nov93

Climate, Earth Processes and Earth History, R.J. Huggett, 295 pp., 1991, $89 pbk. (Springer). Provides an overview of the relations between the title subjects and an up-to-date synthesis of the role of climate in the development of Earth surface systems.

Item #d91nov94

Numerical Adventures with Geochemical Cycles, J.C.G. Walker, 120 pp., 1991, $39.95 (Oxford). Teaches the methodology of computational simulation of environmental change. Methods are applied to describe the responses of ocean and atmosphere to infusions of pollutants, climate change and other processes.

Item #d91nov95

Teleconnections Linking Worldwide Climate Anomalies, M. Glantz, R. Katz, N. Nicholls, Eds., 300 pp., 1991, $54.50 (Cambridge).

After the 1982-83 El Niño, research focused on possible relationships (teleconnections) that might exist between it and climate anomalies around the world. This type of research is significant to those concerned with the environmental implications of air-sea interactions and may hold promise for forecasting future climate anomalies.

Item #d91nov96

Atmospheric Aerosols: Global Climatology and Radiative Characteristics, G.A. d'Almeida, P. Koepke, E.P. Shettle, 561 pp., 1991, $110 (Deepak).

Provides comprehensive tables of data on tropospheric aerosol types, global distribution and radiation characteristics formatted for general circulation. Derives one such model and provides guidelines for deriving others. Critically reviews the literature.

Item #d91nov97

Earthwatch: The Climate from Space, J.E. Harries, 216 pp., £25 (Ellis Horwood). Reviewed by A. Henderson-Sellers in Quart. J. Roy. Meteor. Soc., pp. 652-653, Apr. 1991.

According to the reviewer this is the only text at this level which so successfully combines climate modeling and monitoring information. Illustrated with reference to stratospheric ozone depletion, human-enhanced greenhouse warming, and ENSO.

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