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A Guide to Information on Greenhouse Gases and Ozone Depletion
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Item #d91nov8

Clim. Change, 19(1-2), Sep. 1991. Despite the debate over the influence of tropical forests on climate, there is little consensus about what we know and understand, and still less about the implications for development policy. This special issue addresses some of the salient questions and contains analyses through 16 papers, 13 of which are followed by a separately authored commentary. The citations for each paper are listed below, and those for commentaries given in parentheses. Inquire for back issues from Kluwer Acad. Pub., POB 17, 3300 AA Dordrecht, Neth.

"Tropical Deforestation and Climatic Change: The Conceptual Background. Guest Editorial," N. Myers (Upper Meadow, Old Rd., Headington, Oxford OX3 8SZ, UK), 1-2.

"Tropical Forests: Present Status and Future Outlook," N. Myers, 3-32. (Commentary by G.T. Prance, 33-37.)

"Palaeoecological Background: Neotropics," T. van der Hammen, 37-48. (Commentary by P. Colinvaux, 49-52.)

"A Synopsis of Climate and Vegetational Change in Southeast Asia," L.R. Heaney, 53-62. (Commentary by P.H. Raven, 63-64.)

"History of Climate and Forests in Tropical Africa during the Last Eight Million Years," A.C. Hamilton, D. Taylor, 65-78.

"The African Rain Forest Vegetation and Palaeoenvironments during Late Quaternary," J. Maley, 79-98.

"Tropical Deforestation and Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide," R.A. Houghton, 99-118. (Commentary by L.D.D. Harvey, 119-122.)

"Tropical Deforestation: Albedo and the Surface-Energy Balance," J.H.C. Gash, W.J. Shuttleworth," 123-134. (Commentary by A. Henderson-Sellers, 135-138.)

"Effects of Tropical Deforestation on Global and Regional Atmospheric Chemistry," M. Keller, D.J. Jacob et al., 139-158. (Commentary by P.M. Vitousek, P.A. Matson, 159-162.)

"Probable Impact of Deforestation on Hydrological Processes," V.M. Meher-Homji, 163-174. (Commentary by R.E. Dickinson, 175-176.)

"Possible Climatic Impacts of Tropical Deforestation," E. Salati, C.A. Nobre, 177-196. (Commentary by P.R. Rowntree, J. Lean, 197-200.)

"Deforestation, Climate Change and Sustainable Nutrition Security: A Case Study of India," S.K. Sinha, M.S. Swaminathan, 201-210. (Commentary by N.J. Rosenberg, 211-214.)

"Tropical Forests and the Greenhouse Effect: A Management Response," N. Myers, T.J. Goreau, 215-226. (Commentary by G. Marland, 227-232.)

"Buying Environmental Insurance: Prospects for Trading of Global Climate Protection Services," J.N. Swisher, G.M. Masters, 233-240. (Commentary by M. Grubb, 241-244.)

"Forests in a Warming World: A Time for New Policies," G.M. Woodwell, 245-252. (Commentary by J. Gradwohl, R. Greenberg, 253-256.)

"The Politics of Prevention," C. Schneider, 257-262. (Commentary by J. MacNeill, 263 ff.)

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