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A Guide to Information on Greenhouse Gases and Ozone Depletion
Published July 1988 through June 1999



(Reviews of books and reports previously listed in Global Climate Change Digest).

Item #d91sep90

Energy Policies and the Greenhouse Effect. Vol. 1. Policy Appraisal, M. Grubb, 130 pp., 1990 (Wildwood). Reviewed by W.C. Patterson, Energy Pol., pp. 409-410, May 1991.

Item #d91sep91

Ozone Protocol: New Directions in Safeguarding the Planet, R.E. Benedick, 300 pp., 1991 (Harvard). Reviewed by D.S. Greenberg in Nature, p. 450, June 6, 1991, and by H.F. French in World Watch, pp. 37-38, May-June 1991.)

Item #d91sep92

Energy and Climate Change--Report of the DOE Multi-Laboratory Climate Change Committee, M. McCracken, Ed., 161 pp., 1990 (Lewis). Reviewed by J.P. Lodge Jr. in Atmos. Environ., No. 8, p. 1734, 1991, and by D.S. Wilks in Bull. Amer. Meteor. Soc., pp. 631-632, May 1991.

Item #d91sep93

Dead Heat: The Race Against the Greenhouse Effect, M. Oppenheimer, R.H. Boyle, 268 pp., 1990 (Basic Books). Reviewed by W.C. Clark in Issues Sci. Technol., pp. 98-100, Winter 1990-1991, and by S. Boyle in Millennium, pp. 484-487, Winter 1990.

Item #d91sep94

Energy Policy in the Greenhouse: From Warming Fate to Warming Limit, F. Krause, W. Bach, J. Koomey, 224 pp., 1990, Ј29.95 (Earthscan). Reviewed by S. Boyle, ibid., pp. 484-487.

Item #d91sep95

The Changing Atmosphere: A Global Challenge, J. Firor, 145 pp., 1990 (Yale). Reviewed by F.P. Castelli in Bull. Amer. Meteor. Soc., pp. 1277-1278, Aug. 1991, and by A. Moyad in Environ. Forum, pp. 4-5, Mar.-Apr. 1991.

Item #d91sep96

Slowing Global Warming: A World Strategy, C. Flavin, 94 pp., 1989 (Worldwatch). Reviewed by J. Skea in Energy Policy, pp. 189-191, Mar. 1991.

Item #d91sep97

Technological Responses to the Greenhouse Effect, G. Thurlow, 77 pp., 1990 (Rooster Books). Reviewed by J. Skea, ibid.

Item #d91sep98

Climate and Energy--The Feasibility of Controlling CO2 Emissions, P.A. Okken, R.J. Swart, S. Zwerver, Eds., 267 pp., 1989 (Kluwer). Reviewed by J. Skea, ibid.

Item #d91sep99

Global Alert: The Ozone Pollution Crisis, J. Fishman, R. Kalish, 312 pp., 1990 (Plenum). Reviewed by J. Gribbin, New Scientist, p. 53, Mar. 16, 1990, and by J. Miles, J. Appl. Ecol., pp. 1093-1094, Dec. 1990.

Item #d91sep100

Climate Change and U.S. Water Resources, P. Waggoner et al., Eds., 496 pp., 1990 (Wiley). Reviewed in Bull. Amer. Meteor. Soc., pp. 402-404, Mar. 1991.

Item #d91sep101

Global Warming: The Greenpeace Report, J. Leggett, Ed., 554 pp., 1991 (Oxford). Reviewed by J. Gribbin in The Ecologist, p. 188, July-Aug. 1991.

Item #d91sep102

Managing Global Climate Change through International Cooperation: Lessons from Prior Resource Management Efforts (ORNL/TM-10914), D.L. Feldman, 70 pp., 1990 (NTIS). Reviewed by K. von Moltke in Intl. Environ. Affairs, pp. 348-349, Fall 1990.

Item #d91sep103

Lessons Learned in Global Environmental Governance, P.H. Sand, 60 pp., 1990 (WRI). Reviewed by K. von Moltke, ibid.

Item #d91sep104

Climate Change: The IPCC Scientific Assessment, 365 pp., 1990 (Cambridge). Report of Working Group 1 of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Reviewed in Intl. J. Clim., 457-460, May-June 1991, separately by J.G. Lockwood, by S. Gregory, and by R.S. Scorer.)

Item #d91sep105

The Greenhouse Effect: Formulating a Convention, W.A. Nitze, 40 pp., Oct. 1990 (Royal Inst. Intl. Affairs or ELI). A lengthy review by K. Ramakrishna in J. Intl. Affairs, pp. 517-522, Winter 1991.

Item #d91sep106

Carbon Dioxide and Global Change: Earth in Transition, S.B. Idso, 300 pp., 1989 (IBR). Reviewed by J. Miles in J. Appl. Ecol., pp. 1093-1094, and by J.J.L. Morison in J. Exper. Bot., pp. 282-283, Feb. 1991.

Item #d91sep107

Energy and the Environment: A Policy Overview, Intl. Energy Agency, 222 pp., Feb. 1990 (OECD). Reviewed by S. Boehmer-Christiansen in Energy Pol., pp. 87-88, Jan.-Feb. 1991.

Item #d91sep108

The Challenge of Global Warming, D.E. Abrahamson, Ed., 350 pp. (Island Press). Reviewed by P.M. Morrisette, Global Environ. Change, pp. 75-76, Dec. 1990.

Item #d91sep109

Ozone in the Atmosphere--Proceedings of the Quadrennial Ozone Symposium 1988 and Tropospheric Ozone Workshop, R.D. Bojkov, P. Fabian, Eds., 822 pp., 1990 (Deepak). Reviewed by D.M. Cunnold in Bull. Amer. Meteor. Soc., pp. 405-406, Mar. 1991.

Item #d91sep110

Carbon Dioxide and Other Greenhouse Gases: Climatic and Associated Impacts, R. Fantechi, A. Ghazi, Eds., 292 pp., June 1989 (Kluwer). Reviewed by T.M. Roberts in Environ. Pollut., pp. 85-86, 1991, and by T.H. Moss in Environment, pp. 27-28, Dec. 1990.

Item #d91sep111

Climate Shocks: Natural and Anthropogenic, K. Ya. Kondratyev, 296 pp., 1988 (Wiley). A comment in Clim. Change, pp. 467-469, 1991, by the authors of Chapter III (K. Ya. Kondratyev and G.A. Nikolsky) on an earlier review by C. Covey.

Item #d91sep112

In Fairness to Future Generations: International Law, Common Patrimony, and Intergenerational Equity, E.B. Weiss, 385 pp., 1989 (Transnational). Reviewed by K. von Moltke in Clim. Change, 471-472, 1991.

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