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Item #d91sep113

The third of four meetings planned in preparation for the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) was held in August and early September 1991 in Geneva. International agreements on climate change and biological diversity are expected to be ready for discussion at the UNCED (the Earth Summit), scheduled for June 1992 in Rio de Janeiro. The following newsletters and articles relate to the goals of the UNCED and preparations for it.

Earth Summit News, published by the U.N. (CH-1211, Geneva 10, Switz.) in English. The July 1991 (second) issue includes a list of documents drafted for the third preparatory committee, a summary of June climate convention negotiations and several other topics.

Network '92, Published by the Centre for Our Common Future in collaboration with the International Facilitating Committee of the Independent Sectors for UNCED '92 and its members. Covers concerns of nongovernmental groups.

Earth Summit Update, published by the Environmental and Energy Study Institute (122 C St. NW, S. 700, Washington DC 20001, 202-628-1400; $25 for about 8 issues). The first (July 1991) issue includes recommendations of an EESI task force for U.S. initiatives for UNCED, a summary of the second preparatory committee meeting, and related U.S. Congressional activity.

"Brazil 1992: Who Needs This Meeting?" G.J. MacDonald, Issues Sci. Technol., pp. 42-44, Summer 1991. Discusses keys to success for UNCED and urges strong official U.S. support.

"Preparing for the [UNCED]," M.F. Strong, Environment, pp. 5; 39-41, June 1991. Maurice Strong, the Secretary-General of UNCED, discusses goals and preparation.

"Strong Words to Save the Planet," D. MacKenzie, New Scientist, pp. 17-18, Aug. 10, 1991. Emphasizes the hopes and strategic approach for UNCED of Maurice Strong, who also organized the 1972 Stockholm world environment conference.

"Sustainable Future for Planet Earth," P.H. Ableson, Science, p. 117, July 12, 1991. An editorial questioning the likelihood of significant results from UNCED.

"Prep Com III: Setting the Priorities," M. McCoy, Development Forum (U.N.), 2 pp., July-Aug 1991. A member of the U.S. Citizen's Network for UNCED warns that its expected accomplishments have been oversold.

"UNCED's Agenda for the Twenty-First Century: A Preview," Global Environ. Change Rep., pp. 1-3, Aug. 2, 1991; "UNCED PrepCom Talks Stall over North-South Issues," ibid., p. 3, Sep. 6.

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