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A Guide to Information on Greenhouse Gases and Ozone Depletion
Published July 1988 through June 1999



Item #d91sep54

Primer on Greenhouse Gases, D.L. Wuebbles, J. Edmonds, approx. 150 pp., Aug. 1991, approx. $49.95/$59.95 outside U.S. + shipping (Lewis).

A reference of current information that presents for each of five major greenhouse gases current atmospheric concentration trends, historical emission rates, and forecasts of future emissions. Also examines their influences on climate, life cycles, relative greenhouse potentials.

Item #d91sep55

The Rising Tide: Global Warming and World Sea Levels, L.T. Edgerton, 140 pp., 1991, $29.95 hbk./$17.95 pbk. + shipping (Island Press). Reviewed by J. Hecht in New Scientist, p. 50, Aug. 24, 1991.

Called by the publisher the first comprehensive analysis of world sea level rise as related to global warming and the first to offer response strategies. Looks at the effects of sea level rise on human health, property and natural resources; the federal, state and local responsibilities for coastal policies; the ways existing programs can be adapted.

Item #d91sep56

Impact of Carbon Dioxide, Trace Gases and Climate Change on Global Agriculture (Spec. Pub. 53), B.A. Kimball, N.J. Rosenberg, L.H. Allen, Eds., 133 pp., 1990, $15/$12 members (Amer. Soc. Agronomy). Reviewed by A.R. Wellburn in J. Exper. Bot., pp. 561-562, Apr. 1991.

Contains eight invited papers that were presented at a 1988 meeting of agronomic societies. Looks at the contribution of agriculture to atmospheric greenhouse gases, the need to separate the effects of improved plant breeding from effects of increased greenhouse gases on crop productivity, and possible changes in precipitation patterns and crop productivity.

Item #d91sep57

Land Use Changes in Europe--Processes of Change, Environmental Transformations and Future Patterns, F.M. Brouwer, A.J. Thomas, M.J. Chadwick, Eds., 528 pp., 1991, $149/Ј82/Dfl. 240 (Kluwer).

From a study of the Institute for Applied Systems Analysis and Stockholm Environmental Institute, and a 1988 workshop of the same title. Many sections are related to the potential impact of climatic change and how this must be considered in the long term and on a broad scale. Examples of chapter topics are: trends in the transformation of European agriculture; perspectives on a changing hydroclimate; climatic change and land use impact in Europe.

Item #d91sep58

Global Environmental Issues: A Climatological Approach, D.A. Kemp, 235 pp., 1990, Ј35 hbk./Ј9.99 pbk. (Routledge). Reviewed by F. Drake in Intl. J. Clim., pp. 461-462, May-June 1991.

An introductory text that aims to fall in the middle of the spectrum between the highly technical and the very basic. Environmental issues considered include drought, famine and desertification; acid rain; atmospheric turbidity; the threat to the ozone layer; the greenhouse effect; nuclear winter.

Item #d91sep59

Earth Sciences/Global Change Information Guidebook, approx. 360 pp., 1991, $99 US/$129 Canada/$149 elsewhere (QW Communications). Earth Sciences/Global Change Users Manual, over 200 pp., 1991, $34.95 US & Canada/$39.95 elsewhere.

The information guidebook contains news summaries, bibliographies, publications listings, events calendar, information sources, periodicals list. Topics include global warming, legal issues, floods, earthquakes, droughts, desertification, international cooperation, forest fires, wind storms, deforestation, technology issues. Several sections of the guidebook are issued six times per year.

Item #d91sep60

Environmental Health Criteria, No. 113, Fully Hydrogenated Chlorofluorocarbons, 164 pp., 1990, $16 (Sw. Fr. 20)/Sw. Fr. 14 in developing countries (WHO). Assesses the human health and environmental risks from eight commercial compounds. Also covers health risks from stratospheric ozone depletion.

Item #d91sep61

Alternative Formulations and Packaging to Reduce Use of Chlorofluorocarbons, Pollution Technology Review, No. 194, T.P. Nelson, S.L. Wevill, 374 pp., 1990, $62 (Noyes). Gives background information, reviews technically feasible ways to reduce CFCs in aerosol products, and presents industry experiences with alternatives.

Item #d91sep62

Proceedings of the 84th Annual Meeting of the Air and Waste Management Association, 18,000 pp. in 20 volumes, 1991, $1,800/$1,200 members (AWMA). Inquire for single volume and single article prices. Topics include air modeling, pollution prevention, global climate change.

Item #d91sep63

Proceedings of the Seventeenth Biennial Conference On Ground Water: Coping with Water Scarcity--The Role of Ground Water, 1990 (U.C. Water Resour. Ctr.).

Sponsored by the University of California Water Resources Center et al., and held Sep. 25-26, 1990, San Diego, Calif. Contained a session on global warming, its potential implications for California's water supply, and the role of groundwater in ameliorating long-term water scarcity.

Item #d91sep64

The Water Encyclopedia, 2nd Ed., F. van der Leeden, F.L. Troise, D.K. Todd, Eds., 980 pp., 1990, $135/$160 outside U.S. (Lewis).

A broadly based compendium that includes climate and precipitation data, the hydrologic cycle, surface waters, water quality, water use, legal and political information. Environmental problems addressed include air emissions and sea level rise.

Item #d91sep65

Energy and Security in the Developing World, R.G.C. Thomas, B. Ramberg, Eds., 211 pp., $28 (Univ. of Kentucky Press). Reviewed by M. Grubb in New Scientist, p. 53, Mar. 23, 1991.

For several national case studies analyzes such topics as rationalizations for nuclear power, and incentives and policies of nuclear programs. Some authors assume that nuclear power is the only significant nonfossil fuel option for the foreseeable future.

Item #d91sep66

Steering a New Course: Transportation, Energy and the Environment, D. Gordon, 236 pp., 1991, $9.50 (UCS).

Analyzes transportation in the U.S. and its contribution to the energy crisis. Recommends a comprehensive transportation policy with benefits that would reduce pollution and oil dependence.

Item #d91sep67

World Environmental Directory, 6th Ed. (U.S. & Can.), over 1,000 pp., 1991, $233 (BPI). Gives contacts for all levels of governmental agencies; corporate environmental offices; professional, scientific, trade and public interest organizations; international organizations.

Item #d91sep68

Climate in Human Perspective--A Tribute to Helmut E. Landsberg, F. Baer, N.L. Canfield, J.M. Mitchell, Eds., 146 pp., 1991, $59/Ј34/Dfl. 95 (Kluwer). One of the ten contributions is "Five Themes on Our Changing Climate" by J.M. Mitchell (pp. 37-59).

Item #d91sep69

The Gaia Atlas of Future Worlds--Challenge and Opportunity in an Age of Change, N. Myers, 192 pp., 1991, $24.95 hbk. (Doubleday)/$15.95 pbk. (Anchor). Analyzes current pressures on the Earth, projects their impacts, and offers course-changing suggestions.

Item #d91sep70

From Gaia to Selfish Genes, C. Barlow, Ed., 273 pp., 1991, $17.50 (MIT). Presents excerpts from the popular writings of major scientists ranging from the biosphere to the cell, as well as critiques of various theories.

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