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A Guide to Information on Greenhouse Gases and Ozone Depletion
Published July 1988 through June 1999



Item #d92apr79

Beyond the Limits--Confronting Global Collapse, Envisioning a Sustainable Future, D.H. Meadows, D.L. Meadows, J. Randers, 320 pp., Apr. 1992. Publishers: Chelsea Green in U.S. ($19.95); McClelland & Stewart in Can. (Can.$25.99); Earthscan in U.K. (£14.95).

Written by three of the original authors of The Limits to Growth published 20 years ago, this book concludes that the world has already exceeded many of its physical limits and is pursuing a nonsustainable path that could result in economic collapse in the next century. Using a system dynamics computer model, the authors project numerous scenarios and describe strategies to ensure the planet's longevity. They propose a sustainable society that would allow growth but would discriminate among the kinds and purposes of growth.

Item #d92apr80

The Heated Debate: Greenhouse Predictions Versus Climate Reality, R.C. Balling Jr., 250 pp., 1992, $21.95. Pacific Res. Inst. for Public Policy, 177 Post St., S. 500, San Francisco CA 94108 (415-989-0833).

Speaking for a growing number of scientists who are challenging the "doomsayers," the author examines actual climate response to increases in natural and man-made greenhouse gases, based on empirical evidence, finding that we are not facing an environmental disaster.

Item #d92apr81

Climate--Our Future? U. Schotterer (Eng. translation by K. Kelts), P. Andermatt (artist), 175 pp., Jan. 1992, $39.95 (Univ. Minnesota).

Originally published in German, French and Italian, this completely revised edition employs extensive illustrations and graphs to present a global analysis of the issues and processes affecting global change, in a tone that stresses environmental concerns. Aimed at a broad range of readers, professional and otherwise.

Item #d92apr82

Economic Issues in Global Climate Change: Agriculture, Forestry and Natural Resources, J.M. Reilly, M. Anderson, Eds., 480 pp., Mar. 1992, $52 (Westview).

Internationally known economists, scientists and policy analysts determine the sources of the emissions most responsible for climate change and the cost of controlling them, quantify the effects of climate change, and analyze the economic impact of climate change on agriculture and forestry.

Item #d92apr83

Prospects for Future Climate: A Special US/USSR Report on Climate and Climate Change, M.C. MacCracken, M.I. Budyko et al., Eds., 270 pp., 1990 (Lewis).

Prepared under a bilateral agreement on protection of the environment signed by the two countries in 1972, this report, like that of the IPCC, is intended to provide the best scientific knowledge available to guide any actions regarding global change. It draws mainly on cooperative research, and identifies areas of scientific consensus and disagreement. Reviewed by W.M. Kellogg (Clim. Change, pp. 83-85, Jan. 1992), who considers the document a landmark account of a process of historic proportions.

Item #d92apr84

Clean Air Act 1990 Amendments: Law and Practice, J.-M. Stensvaag, 1366 pp. loose-leaf, 1991, $135 (Wiley Law).

Written for a diverse audience; one of eight parts covers U.S. stratospheric ozone protection regulations.

Item #d92apr85

Ozone Protection Policies: A Briefing Book, several hundred pp., Nov. 1991. Alliance for CFC Responsibility, 1901 N. Ft. Myer Dr., 12th Fl., Arlington VA 22209 (703-243-0344); $125. A desk reference emphasizing U.S. policy and regulations at the federal, state and local levels. Contains industrial information, and excerpts of the Montreal Protocol.

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