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A Guide to Information on Greenhouse Gases and Ozone Depletion
Published July 1988 through June 1999



Item #d92apr91

The U.S. National Quadrennial Report 1987-1990 to the International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics, M.A. Shea, Ed.-in-Chief, 1186 pp. in 10 sections, 1991 (AGU). Entire set $28; $13 each section (discounts to AGU members).

Summarizes the achievements of U.S. scientists during the last four years and how they contributed to the solution of scientific problems. Four of the sections are Atmospheric Sciences, Geodesy, Hydrology, and Oceanography. Published as a 1991 supplement to Reviews of Geophysics.

Item #d92apr92

Global Change and Relevant Space Observations, J.L. Fellous, Ed., 278 pp., 1991, $130/Ј70 (Pergamon).

Contains 34 papers from a symposium of the COSPAR 28th Plenary Meeting (The Hague, The Netherlands, June 1990), describing results of satellite data or field experiment analysis as well as modeling on a wide range of topics. Includes a review of major space agency plans and new instrumentation for the next ten years. (Previously published as Advances in Space Res., Vol. 11, No. 3.)

Item #d92apr93

Modern Ecology: Basic and Applied Aspects, G. Esser, D. Overdieck, Eds., 844 pp., 1991, $231/Dfl. 450 (Elsevier).

Based on many case studies and derived from numerous sources from several countries. Includes discussions of the carbon cycle as it relates to climatic change, and methods of remote sensing and geographical modeling.

Item #d92apr94

Marine Particles: Analysis and Characterization (Geophys. Monograph Ser. Vol. 63), D.C. Hurd, D.W. Spencer, Eds., 472 pp., 1991, $56/$39.20 members (AGU). Leading researchers review and catalog existing methods for sampling and chemical analysis.

Item #d92apr95

Land Surface Evaporation: Measurement and Parameterization, T. Schmugge, J.-C. Andre, Eds., 424 pp., 1991, $89 (Springer). Reviewed by R. Dickinson in Bull. Amer. Meteor. Soc., 338-339, Mar. 1992.

Based on papers presented at a workshop at Banyuls, France. Twenty-six papers are organized in three sections: approaches to parameterizing processes in large-scale meteorological and hydrological models; surface measurement techniques; remote sensing approaches.

Item #d92apr96

The Accuracy of Spatial Databases, M. Goodchild, S. Gopol, Eds., 290 pp., 1989, $77 (Taylor & Francis). Reviewed by R.J. Snodgrass in ibid., 346-349.

An arranged and edited collection of 23 papers presented at a meeting of over 50 specialists who discussed accuracy problems and laid out an agenda for improvement; held in 1988 at the National Center for Geographic Information and Analysis.

Item #d92apr97

Deep Convection and Deep Water Formation in the Oceans (Elsevier Oceanog. Ser. Vol. 57), P.C. Chu, J.C. Gascard, Eds., 394 pp., 1991, $110.50/Dfl. 215 (Elsevier).

Proceedings of the conference (Monterey, Calif.; Mar. 1990), consisting of articles that have been selected and reviewed on topics including past and recent observations, concepts and models, and modern techniques for future research.

Item #d92apr98

World Atlas of Holocene Sea-Level Changes (Elsevier Oceanog. Ser. Vol. 58), P.A. Pirazzoli with J. Pluet, 300 pp., 1991, $100/Dfl. 195 (Elsevier).

Examines the rates of change determined from the current record of sea level change over the past 10,000 years, and our ability to estimate these changes accurately. Comparison of these data with trends from tide gauges and near-future trends predicted by climate models should enable more accurate assessment of near-future sea level changes on a local scale.

Item #d92apr99

The Earth in Transition: Patterns and Processes of Biotic Impoverishment, G.M. Woodwell, Ed., 1991, $49.50 (Cambridge Univ.). Reviewed by N. Myers in Nature, p. 614, Oct. 17, 1991, and by S.M. Ross in Environment & Planning--A, Nov. 23, 1991.

A collection of case studies, from a conference at Woods Hole, Mass. (Oct. 1986), illustrating the changes being wrought on the biosphere by the human presence. Several papers relate directly to climatic change, air pollution and deforestation.

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