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A Guide to Information on Greenhouse Gases and Ozone Depletion
Published July 1988 through June 1999



Item #d92dec133

Two items from Earth, Nov. 1992.

"Earth Beat: Global Cooling," T. Waters, 16-18. Effects of the dust cloud from Mt. Pinatubo have been simulated by global climate models, providing a test of their ability to forecast climate change.

"20,000 Leagues under the Keys," D. Mallinson, 46-53. Scientists are searching deep waters off the Florida coast for evidence of carbonate deposition, to determine whether the Earth has built-in protection from the greenhouse effect.

Item #d92dec134

"A Star in the Greenhouse: Can the Sun Dampen the Predicted Global Warming?" R. Monastersky, Sci. News, 282-283, 285, Oct. 24, 1992. (See Research News, this GLOBAL CLIMATE CHANGE DIGEST issue--Dec. 1992.)

Item #d92dec135

"How Susan Solomon's Research Changed Our View of Earth," J. Glantz, R&D Mag., 46-50, Sep. 1992. Profiles the career of the magazine's Scientist of the Year, particularly her discovery of the link between CFCs and the ozone hole.

Item #d92dec136

"When Climate Twitches, Evolution Takes Great Leaps," R.A. Kerr, Science, 1622-1624, Sep. 18, 1992. (See Research News, this GLOBAL CLIMATE CHANGE DIGEST issue--Dec. 1992.)

Item #d92dec137

"Cold Comfort," L. Oliwenstein, Discover, 18-22, Aug. 1992; "Icy Prospects for a Warmer World," G. Davidson, New Scientist, 23-26, Aug. 8, 1992. Both articles discuss recent results from several disciplines suggesting that global warming could encourage ice sheet growth and sea level fall, rather than the opposite, which is the prevalent expectation.

Item #d92dec138

Special Issue: Oceanus, 35(1), Spring 1992. (Woods Hole Oceanog. Inst., 9 Maury Ln., Woods Hole MA 02543) Contains survey articles on marine chemistry written by experts at a general level.

"Introduction," J.W. Farrington, 11-17. "Balancing the [Carbon] Budget," T. Takahashi, P.P. Tans, I. Fung, 18-28. "Biomedical Uses for Natural Marine Chemicals," D.J. Faulkner, 29-35. "Photochemistry in the Oceans," N.V. Blough, 36. "Marine Organic Geochemistry," D.J. Repeta, G. Eglinton, C. Lee, 38-46. "Tracers in Oceanography," W.J. Jenkins, 47-56. "US Joint Global Ocean Flux Study Program," U.S. JGOFS Planning Office, 57. "Particles in the Oceans," J. Dymond, 60-67. "Biogeochemical Processes on the Seafloor," F.L. Sayles, 68-75. "Hydrothermal Activity in the Deep Sea," J.M. Edmond, K.L. Von Damm, 76-84.

Item #d92dec139

Special Issue: ibid., Summer 1992 (on physical oceanography).

"Observing Ocean Circulation from Space," C. Wunsch, 9-17. "The Gulf Stream and Its Recirculations," N. Hogg, 18-27. "Overflows: The Source of New Abyssal Waters," J.F. Price, 28-35. "Mysteries of Planetary Plumbing," R.W. Schmitt Jr., 38-45 (on the global hydrological cycle and climate). "Dynamics of the Ocean Mixed Layer," R.A. Weller, D.M. Farmer, 46-55. "El NiƱo," S.G. Philander, 56-61. "TOGA-COARE," R. Lucas, P.J. Webster, 62-65 (on two major observation programs, the Tropical Ocean-Global Atmosphere Program, and the Coupled Ocean-Atmosphere Response Experiment). "Climate Prediction and the Ocean: Modeling Future Conditions," E.S. Sarachik, 66-73. "WOCE," G.T. Needler, 74-77 (on the World Ocean Circulation Experiment). "Physical Oceanography--Old Friends, New Agendas," P.B. Rhines, 78-85 (climate prediction will change the way oceanographers work and think).

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