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A Guide to Information on Greenhouse Gases and Ozone Depletion
Published July 1988 through June 1999



Item #d92feb56

Global Environmental Change (NATO ASI Series I, Vol. 1), R.W. Corell, P.A. Anderson, Eds., 264 pp., 1991, $110 (Springer-Verlag).

The first volume of a new series by the same title, based on summer schools and international symposia supported by NATO. This volume explains the main themes and state of science which describe the Earth as a system, and identifies the natural and human factors which affect its dynamics.

Item #d92feb57

Global Ocean Surface Temperature Atlas (GOSTA), M. Bottomly, C.K. Folland, J. Hsiung, R.E. Newell, 20 pp. + 313 plates, 1990. Published through the U.K. Meteorological Office (contact C. Folland, UKMO, London Rd., Bracknell, Berkshire 00125), and Massachusetts Inst. Technol. (contact R. Newell, Rm. 54-1824, MIT, Cambridge MA 02139).

Published after several years of planning through funding by the IPCC. Divided into three sections: quality control of raw data, long-term homogeneity of sea-surface and marine air temperatures, and analyses undertaken to produce the final data set. Reviewed by P.D. Jones in Intl. J. Clim., pp. 923-926, Dec. 1991.

Item #d92feb58

Polar Stratospheric Ozone (Air Pollut. Res. Rep. 34), J.A. Pyle, N.R.P. Harris, Eds., 1991. Available from Off. for Official Pubs. of the EC, L-2985, Luxembourg. Proceedings of the First European Workshop, Oct. 1990, Schlieresee, Bavaria, Ger.

Item #d92feb59

Global Biomass Burning, J.S. Levine, Ed., approx. 550 pp., Nov. 1991, $75 (MIT).

Contains 42 papers presented at a Chapman conference (Mar. 1990) on topics including atmospheric chemistry, remote sensing, effects on vegetation and tropical ecosystems, laboratory studies, case studies, and effects on the global carbon budget, particles, and climate.

Item #d92feb60

Ocean Margin Processes in Global Change (Dahlem Workshop Reps., PC9), R.F.C. Mantoura et al., Eds., 486 pp., June 1991, £70/$148.95 (Wiley).

Contains background review papers and summary group reports from an international workshop, held to evaluate the data base for the topic and identify critical areas requiring urgent research.

Item #d92feb61

Aerosols and Climate, K. Kondratyev, Ed., 540 pp., 1991 (Hydrometeoizdat, St. Petersburg, Russia). Editor's address: Inst. Lake Res., Academy of Sciences, Sevastyanov str. 9, 196199 St. Petersburg, Russia.

In Russian. Contains 10 papers authored generally by combinations of researchers from Russia and the U.S.

Item #d92feb62

Atmospheric Particles and Nuclei, G. Götz, E. Mézáros, G. Vali, 274 pp., £20. Published by Akademiai Kiado, Hungary.

Intended as both an introduction and a source for experienced workers in the field; treats the chemical and physical properties of the aerosol, its role in the formation of cloud particles and its impact on climate. Concludes that indirect effects on the radiation balance through modification of cloud properties are more important globally than direct effects. Reviewed by P.R. Jonas, Quart. J. Roy. Meteor. Soc., p. 1105, July 1991 Pt. B.

Item #d92feb63

Atmospheric Transmission, Emission and Scattering, T.G. Kyle, 300 pp., Aug. 1991, $80/£40 (Pergamon).

Includes associated meteorology and atmospheric composition, aerosol and raindrop distributions, molecular absorption by species, detailed models of the atmosphere and the distribution of trace gases, standardized software and available data bases.

Item #d92feb64

Sea Levels, Land Levels, and Tide Gauges, K.O. Emery, D.G. Aubrey, 237 pp., 1991, $59 (Springer-Verlag).

Devoted primarily to detailed mapping of tide-gauge records in individual regions around the world, and analysis of factors affecting their usefulness for judging relative sea level change. Includes brief discussion of the significance of regional results, possible future change, and the impact of such change on society. Reviewed by K. Lambeck, Science, p. 448, Oct. 18, 1991.

Item #d92feb65

Global Changes of the Past, R. Bradley, Ed., 514 pp., 1991, $38 (OIES).

A collection of 20 tutorial presentations prepared for the second Global Change Institute held in the summer of 1989 by OIES. Includes a set of working-group assessments of future climate, and recommendations about actions that should be taken. Reviewed by C.G.H. Rooth, Nature, p. 806, Oct. 31, 1991, who also reviews Paleoclimatology by T.J. Crowley and G.R. North.

Item #d92feb66

Global Air Pollution: Problems for the 1990s, H. Bridgman, 261 pp., 1990, $49 hbk./$25 pbk. (£30/£12.95) (Pinter).

Treats all aspects of air quality problems (tropospheric and stratospheric, gas phase and condensed phase, health-related and climate-related) in the style of a textbook suitable for advanced courses; includes biogeochemical cycling, atmosphere-biosphere interactions, global warming and nuclear winter. Reviewed by J.W. Birks in Nature, Feb. 7, 1991, p. 472, who also reviews The Changing Atmosphere: A Global Challenge by J. Firor.

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