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A Guide to Information on Greenhouse Gases and Ozone Depletion
Published July 1988 through June 1999



Item #d92jun19

"Global Environmental Engineering," R.J. Cicerone (Dept. Geosci., Univ. California, Irvine CA 92717), S. Elliot, R.P. Turco, Nature, 356(6369), p. 472, Apr. 9, 1992.

Some schemes for fixing environmental problems, such as injection of alkanes into the Antarctic stratosphere to slow ozone destruction, deserve serious consideration and a scientific process of evaluation, preferably by international but nongovernmental bodies of scientists.

Item #d92jun20

Two items from Environment, 34(3), Apr. 1992:

"The Precautionary Principle," 2-5. Correspondence concerning this guideline for environmental policy, favored by Germany and lately receiving international attention.

"Recommendations from the Sigma Xi and ASCEND 21," pp. 5, 40. Lists key points emerging from these two recent conferences dealing with the role of science in creating a sustainable future.

Item #d92jun21

"From Conference to Conference," J. Jäger (Wuppertal Inst. Clim., Environ. & Energy, Germany), Clim. Change, 20(2), iii-vii, Feb. 1992. Reflections on the steps taken at the international level during the decade between the two World Climate Conferences, in response to human-induced climate change.

Item #d92jun22

"Ecosystem Peril vs. Perceived, Personal Risk," J. Cairns Jr. (Ctr. Environ. & Hazardous Materials Studies, Virginia Polytechnic Inst., Blacksburg VA 24061), ChemTech, 22(2), 90-93, Feb. 1992. The "chemophobia" of many individuals, reflecting a serious lack of interdisciplinary education, leads to a disproportionately high concern over chemical toxicity compared to greater ecosystem threats like climate change.

Item #d92jun23

"Forum: Argawal and Narain," H. Wilhite (Ressurskonsult, Drammensveien 43, 0271 Oslo, Norway), Energy Policy, 20(2), p. 173, Feb. 1992. Comments on the dispute between India's Center for Science and Environment and the World Resources Institute, over allocating greenhouse gas emission quotas.

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