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Energy--The International Journal (Pergamon Press), 16(11-12), Nov.-Dec. 1992, consists of the following invited papers:

Part 1: CO2 Emission and Climate Change

"Technology and Cost of Recovering and Storing Carbon Dioxide from an Integrated-Gasifier, Combined-Cycle Plant," C.A. Hendriks (Dept. Sci. Technol., Univ. Utrecht, Oudegracht 320, NL-3511 PL Utrecht, Neth.), 1277-1293.

"An Engineering and Economic Evaluation of CO2 Removal from Fossil-Fuel-Fired Power Plants," G.S. Booras (Elec. Power Res. Inst., POB 10412, Palo Alto CA 94303), C.S. Smelser, 1295-1305.

"CO2 Emissions from the Production and Combustion of Fuel Ethanol from Corn," G. Marland (Environ. Sci. Div., Oak Ridge Nat. Lab., POB 2008, Oak Ridge TN 37831), A.F. Turhollow, 1307-1316.

"CO2 Increase: Questions beyond Climatic Change," G. Beckman (Hüls AG, Postfach 1320, D-4370 Marl, Germany), B. Klopries, 1317-1330. Considers biological evolution resulting from climate change that could be hazardous to humans and nature.

"Global Warming: What Does the Science Tell Us?" R. Jastrow (G.C. Marshall Inst., 11 Dupont Circ. NW, S. 506, Washington DC 20036), W. Nierenberg, F. Seitz, 1331-1345. Observations to date do not support predictions of climate change.

"CO2 Reduction and Removal: Measures for the Next Century," N. Nakicenovic (IIASA, A-2361 Laxenburg, Austria), A. John, 1347-1377.

"Potential Effects of Emission Taxes on CO2 Emissions in the OECD and LCDs," S. Messner (IIASA, A-2361 Laxenburg, Austria), M. Strubegger, 1379-1395.

"Inter-Generational and Spatial Equity Issues of Carbon Accounts," A. Grübler (IIASA, A-2361 Laxenburg, Austria), Y. Fujii, 1397-1416.

"Fossil-Fuel Resources and CO2 Production from Combustion," S.S. Penner (Ctr. Energy & Combustion Res., Univ. California, 9500 Gilman Dr., La Jolla CA 92093), 1417-1419. Estimates future CO2 levels based on resource data.

Part 2. Energy Policies and Climate Change

"Climate Change and Energy Policy in Eastern Europe: Two Scenarios for the Future," W.U. Chandler (Advanced Intl. Studies, Pacific Northwest Labs., 901 D St. SW, S. 900, Washington DC 20024), S. Kolar et al., 1423-1435.

"Climate Change and US Energy Policy," D.G. Streets (Environ. Assess. Div., Argonne Nat. Lab., Argonne IL 60463), C.N. Bloyd et al., 1437-1466. Discusses impacts of various options for reducing CO2 emissions.

"Climate Change and Energy Scenarios in Asia-Pacific Developing Countries," T.A. Siddiqi (Environ. & Policy Inst., East-West Ctr., Honolulu HI 96848), W.K. Foell et al., 1467-1488.

"Energy Outlook and Environmental Implications for Korea," H. Lee (Korea Energy Econ. Inst., 665-1 Naesong-dong, Euiwang City, Kyunggi-do, Korea 437-082), 1489-1493.

"Global Climate Change: Implications for Thailand's Energy Systems," S. Patanavanich (Thailand Develop. Res. Inst., Rajapark Bldg., 15th Fl., 163 Asoke Rd., Bangkok 10110, Thailand), D. Phantumvanit, 1495-1501.

"Energy-Technology Efficiency-Improvements: Capital Requirements, Energy-Cost Savings and Global CO2 Emission Reduction," O.S. Yu (SRI Intl., Menlo Pk. CA 94025), E.M. Kinderman, 1503-1517.

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